Rome Vatican

A day in Rome, can you cover it all? Planning and using a few crucial tips can give you a glimpse of the most prominent structures.

This plan can help you save time and a few bucks. You can use this itinerary to complement your Italy or Europe vacay plan, where you might want to spend a little more time.

The plan covers the spots that you, as a first-time visitor, will not want to miss. The tour starts early in the morning so that you can utilize the maximum of it. As the first step, you should check the weather in Rome before fixing up the dates. If you are looking for some peace and lower room rates, the best time to visit is between October and April.


The Colosseum

The Colosseum is an incredible structure that stood the tide of time. This 2000-year-old sports arena is one of the first images that may pop up in your head when you think of Rome. 

Though there are damages that this great structure has suffered over the years, it has not lost its charm. Scheduling your visit is critical here as the slots fill fast. Booking an early morning slot can help avoid the rush.

The Roman Forum is adjacent to the Colosseum and has a common access ticket. You will be able to get a peek into the Roman Culture here. The ruined remains of the spectacular places of commerce, temples, judiciary buildings, shrines, speech podiums, and government buildings can still amaze anyone. 

You can spend about an hour to an hour and a half here. You may choose to take a walk towards our next spot. This way you can get a photo-op with many historical sites and monuments.


The Pantheon

The 126 AD construction still stands to be among the select few largest support-less concrete domes in existence. This former temple has been the last resting place of many luminaries. 

You can give it a quick visit as it’s free. It’s already close to noon, and you may feel hungry. Hop into the cafes nearby for a coffee, or you may opt for gelato. There are a lot of diners around, however, take a call keeping time in mind.


The Trevi Fountain

Just a few minutes walk from the Pantheon will take you to one of the most photographed fountains in the world. You may find it crowded during the day. However, there is rarely any time in the day when this fountain does not have any visitors around.

The top of the fountain is at eighty feet, while the width is over one hundred and sixty feet. So, even if there are people around you, be rest assured to catch a sight of the fountain. Since 1762 the Trevi Fountain has attracted visitors from around the world.

You may walk towards our next stop, the 135 step stairway or the Spanish Steps. It leads to Piazza Trinità dei Monti from Piazza Spagna. A photo on these steps holding a gelato is a must. Be careful not to sit on these as they have been decreed to be monuments from August 2019.


The Vatican Museum

You can start your second half of the day with the Vatican Museums. They are one of the largest museums in the world. Over 2000 artworks are on display across 54 galleries spanning over 7 kilometers of corridors.

The sheer volume will tell you that not even a day is enough to cover all the aspects of this museum. Pre-planning to watch the absolute highlights of the Vatican Museums collection is advisable.

You will get a common entry pass for the Sistine Chapel along with the Vatican museum. Here you will get to see the greatest Renaissance works. The highlight is Michaelangelo’s the ceiling and Last Judgement painting. A 5000 square feet of frescos on the ceiling. It will keep you pondering for a long time.


The St. Peter’s Basilica

Arguably one of the most important churches of Roman Catholics is our last stop. The largest church in the world, designed by the Renaissance masters. It is the resting place of the tomb of Saint Peter. You must have seen the Pope regularly holding important masses from here. The church gates close at 6 pm October to March and 7 pm April to September. 

So a day filled with exuberance and excitement comes to its end. The journey from one of the most historic sports arenas to the largest church building in the world will be etched for a long time in your memory.