Long gone are the days where bathrooms were purely functional. Bathroom use and design in recent decades harks back to the time of communal bathhouses where relaxation was as much the aim as personal cleanliness. These enormous, shared spaces were often elaborately decorated and possessed a restful atmosphere similar to that of modern-day spas.

Moroccan-inspired décor is an indulgent way to create an old-world spa atmosphere in your home. Similar to the Moorish designs that characterised traditional bathhouses, these bold features are elegant and eye-catching and are sure to make a statement. In addition to visiting your local bathroom showroom for inspiration, browse this article to learn more about Moroccan bathroom décor and how to use these beautiful design features to elevate your space.

Fit patterned tiles

One of the main components of traditional Moroccan bathrooms is patterned tiles. Choose traditional designs for an authentic look or use more modern patterns to blend old-world with new. In particular, using patterned tiles as flooring is very Moroccan: this is an unusual design feature in western bathrooms and consequently goes a long way towards giving your bathroom a unique edge.

Add bold colour

One of the things that makes Moroccan bathrooms so warm and welcoming is the use of rich earthy tones on the walls. Think terracotta or deep mustard yellow for a bold statement that is still conducive to creating a tranquil atmosphere. If you don’t want to run the colour all over the room, split the walls in half with a border and use a lighter shade above or below tom create the illusion of a bigger space.

Feature your bathtub

Elaborate bathtubs is a key part of Moroccan bathrooms. If you have the space, invest in a large stand alone model that can be the main feature of the room. You could choose a traditional claw-footed model or a sleeker more contemporary design as a contrast. Larger bathrooms will benefit from a bathtub in a unique shape such as a hexagonal stone style. If you do not like baths, update your shower to a wet room for an equally elegant look that will blend in with the overall décor.

Create a mosaic

Mosaics are a fun way to bring luxury and drama to your bathroom. These can be created from patterned tiles, or you can use coloured glass in your window for a truly unique feature. The latter option will also help to soften the light to create the desired spa atmosphere. Consider having a feature wall with a colourful mural instead for a more modern take on mosaics. This can be painted directly onto the wall by an artist, or you can find a dramatic wallpaper pattern that tones with the rest of your room.

Use sumptuous textiles

A spa wouldn’t feel indulgent without the use of sumptuous textiles. Deliver an utterly luxurious finish by paying attention to the materials you use to furnish your bathroom. Marble never goes amiss in bathrooms when you are trying to achieve a sense of opulence – this can be incorporated on the walls or the floors but is especially impactful when used on your sink and countertops.