Susannah King jewellery displayed on two people holding hands

Finding unique jewellery to express yourself can mean endless searching until you find The One. Susannah King specialises in beautiful wearable art, with luxurious metals and gemstones, taking inspiration from her mother’s work in geometry and her father’s work as a goldsmith. Let’s take a closer look!

Susannah King is a fourth-generation metal worker and third generation goldsmith creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery art that centre around bold colours and powerful shapes. The Ring of Persephone is a perfect example of the marriage between skill and style, combining colourful mint tourmaline, sapphire, spinel, peridot, diamond, and tourmaline with intricate 18ct gold.

Taught predominantly by her father, Susannah picked up traditional skills and started making jewellery at the age of 19. After exploring her creative DNA and the wonderful world of gemstones, Susannah stepped into her distinctive, bold and colourful style. Each piece of artwork is hand-crafted in London using centuries-old techniques merged with seamlessly modern design.

In a world of duplicates and mass production, Susannah endorses the idea that one-of-a-kind art pieces are more exciting. Each jewel encourages the wearer to celebrate their own individuality, reminded of this by the uniqueness of the very piece of art they have acquired from Susannah.

The artwork that Susannah creates reminds us to decorate ourselves differently and to be proudly expressive: “I attract people who celebrate their individuality. My jewellery is bold and eye-catching, but I don’t make it for a particular audience. The artistic ideas come to me, I make them and then the rightful owner finds the piece.”

Creating pieces that will last a lifetime, Susannah King London focuses on ethical and sustainable materials to ensure pieces don’t cost the earth. “I often encourage clients to re-use gemstones and gold from their heirloom pieces. This cuts out the need to buy more materials that can affect the Earth (and its kinder on the pocket!). I also frequently use recycled gold in my art, and look to source lab-grown gemstones, too. Part of my profits through my website are donated to looking after the planet, too. There isn’t an excuse to skip over being a sustainable/green business owner nowadays. There are too many fantastic options.”

Internationally stocked and award-winning, Susannah King London has been recognised by the likes of Paul Smith and Farfetch, as well as having high-profile clientele. Each design is a piece of art, ready to be worn, cherished and passed on for generations to come.