There are many advantages to buying a brand-new property. Built to the latest standards, you can be sure that your home will have the very best insulation available in addition to a host of attractive mod-cons including an induction cooker, highly efficient boiler, and quality bathroom fixtures.

Another advantage of buying a new build home is the deliberately neutral décor that provides the perfect blank canvas for a fresh start. However, this colour scheme can make the property feel fairly characterless at first. Thankfully, there are several easy ways to add a luxury edge to brand-new properties that will elevate the look of your new build home.

Go bold with colour

The most straightforward way to bring life to a blank canvas is to add colour. For a luxury feel, don’t be afraid to go bold with your shades: a rich red can bring a vintage warmth to a lounge or study, while a
deep blue instantly elevates a hallway or kitchen. If colour isn’t your thing, monochrome has a timeless elegance that ensures an enduring luxury lift. Try it in the bathroom for a Parisian feel.

Incorporate texture

If you prefer to stick to neutral shades, incorporate texture instead. Layering multiple types of material in each space of the house adds depth which is key to achieving an elevated design. This works particularly well if you blend raw materials such as wood and marble with crafted pieces such as chrome lights, glass topped tables, and woven rugs.

Create a feature wall

Another way of adding drama without going over the top with colour is to create a feature wall in each room. This could be a contrasting paint palette to the rest of the room. Alternatively, you could showcase patterned
wallpaper, or display a large piece of artwork designed to draw the eye.

Include luxury fixtures

Updating the fixtures in your new build home is guaranteed to give a luxury edge to the décor. Statement chandeliers, either in a traditional or modern design, are always a winner. Gold is also synonymous with luxury: used sparingly, it will add a touch of class to your interiors without becoming gaudy. For example, choose a mirror with an ornate gold frame, or install gold light fittings.

Introduce period furniture

Given that they have been constructed so recently, it is a given that new build homes will have a strong contemporary feel. Kitchens and bathroom appliances will be sleek and minimalist with clean lines and little-to-no embellishment. Introducing period furniture is an instant way to make your house feel more luxurious. Think of ornate shelving and display cabinets, decorative tables, and elegant seating.

Develop your lighting

New build homes will also come with overhead lighting as a standard. This kind of lighting can often feel harsh and clinical, so developing a different lighting scheme is key to creating the alluring atmosphere of luxury properties. Add strategically placed lamps into rooms that you want to be warm and welcoming such as the living room and your bedrooms. You can also incorporate candles for special events such as family lunches or romantic dinners.