Mother & Baby

When you become a parent, there are so many ways that your life changes. You will start to see the world through a different lens and notice things about your baby that you never noticed before. One big change is how much they need from us as parents to keep them happy and healthy! This blog post will give you some great tips on how to be more active with your baby around the house so that they get enough energy to grow up strong!


Take your baby with you on walks

One of the primary ways that your baby gets energy is through movement. If you want to be active with them, especially as a parent who maybe isn’t used to being too physically active on their own yet, then the best thing for both of you is walks! In this case, you can use a baby bike trailer because this will make riding with your child more effortless. It’s simple because all they have to do is sit in the stroller and enjoy themselves while taking in the sights.


Take advantage of their nap schedules

Naptime is the parent’s best friend because it means they can get some free time while your baby rests. However, this also works in reverse! Sometimes you might need a break and when that happens than having them sleep makes it easier to have quality parent-level time without any distractions or disturbances. Use this time to take them on walks, go for a bike ride and even book some parent coaching sessions if you need an extra boost.


Use their energy in the right way

Your baby’s nap times are great because they allow you to get things done while still being able to be near your child but that doesn’t mean these hours should all be dedicated to your interests. Instead, when they have energy then take them out and about with you so that they can see new things and experience different situations. This will help build their confidence while also helping you exercise!


Start a parent-child workout routine

If it’s been a while since you were active yourself or if this is the first time that you’ve ever been a parent then it might be hard to know how much exercise your baby needs. The best thing for both of you is if you develop a parent-child workout routine where they get some energy out and can enjoy themselves while also getting the benefits from movement! For example, try taking them on walks with their stroller or letting them bounce around in the parent’s arms while you do your squats. This will give you a workout and allow them to build their strength too!

These are just some of the things that parents can try when they want both themselves and their baby to get more active daily. If this sounds like something that would be helpful to you then feel free to give it a try and see how much more enjoyable parent life can be when both parents are active!


Play in the backyard with them

There is also the option for you to play in the backyard with your kid. You can use a ball or anything that will make noise to get their attention. It is best if you play music and dance together while having fun outside.

You can also bring them to parks for some fresh air. Parents are always busy these days, but it would be beneficial for everyone, especially yourself if you take them out to the park. When they have fun and play with other kids, it is good for their social skills as well.


Let them join in during household chores

You can make simple tasks like folding laundry or cooking dinner more fun by including your baby in the activity. Give them some puffs or snacks to hold while you cook, so they feel like they are helping too! If it’s laundry day and you want an extra set of hands, let your little one help you fold towels or put clothes away. Babies love holding onto something, and this is a great way to keep them content while you get some chores done.

You’re a parent and you don’t get enough sleep. It’s hard to find time for yourself without feeling guilty, but you must do so to take care of your baby the way they need. Take them on walks, play in their backyard, set up an obstacle course for them to explore and challenge themselves, sing songs, read books or play games while cooking dinner together. Hold their hands as they walk around the house exploring new things – whatever you can think of! Good luck parents-to-be!