Event industry

Of all the industries that took a hit in 2020, the entertainment world suffered some of the worst blows. Authorities canceled concerts and live events, not only in a few isolated communities but around the globe. If it weren’t for YouTube and Tiktok, many artists might not have survived.

However, with the arrival of vaccines, the pandemic has finally begun to ebb. Local authorities continue to ease restrictions, and coordinators are gearing up for a busy season of getting back on track. Here are the event industry trends to expect in 2021.


Outdoor Venues Are the New Normal

Even before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued their new suggestions for vaccinated folks, they considered revising outdoor guidelines based on transmission trends. After noting that few to no cases of COVID occurred from casual passersby on roadways and trails, they determined that it was probably safe to unmask when outside.

Expect the shift to open-air events to continue for some time. Even after people recover from their initial hesitancy to go out in a crowd, they might shun indoor events. After all, they can’t inspect the HVAC system of every building they enter.

If you are responsible for coordinating such affairs, you have more work to do when reserving facilities. Many locations will not have onsite restrooms, meaning that you’ll need to arrange for rentals. Fortunately, there’s no need to opt for smelly portable toilets alone. Today, you can find trailers that even come equipped with showers and provide a far more pleasant experience for VIP guests.

You’ll also need to consider crowd control. Outdoor venues pose more of a risk of non-paying individuals gaining entry — you’ll need to use armbands or some other method to indicate who should be onsite. You may also require more burly bouncers to escort unsavory types from where they should not be.


Exclusive May Become a Buzzword

Expect indoor events to remain small for the present as various locations ease restrictions at different times. As a result, “exclusive” may become the new industry buzzword.

Coordinators can brace themselves by keeping their pulse on ticket prices. Expect many indoor venues to raise rates slightly to compensate for smaller seating capacities. Even when restrictions lift, you might consider booking some VIP events, using less cramped quarters as a selling point.


Prepare for These Event Industry Trends in 2021

The novel coronavirus pandemic indelibly changed many industries, and the event one was not left unscathed. As things gear back up for the coming season, expect to see the above trends.