two women holding cocktails

At the cornerstone of Newport Beach’s Eastbluff Village Centre stands Mutt’s Eastbluff, a vibrant place to meet for good food, delicious drinks, and sparkling conversation. Explore the craft cocktails and spirits it stocks from artisan distilleries across the United States, and winemakers from around the world, whilst tucking into mouthwatering beach bar delicacies such as steak frites and burger sliders. 

Find your pack at Mutt’s Eastbluff, a welcoming establishment with a hometown America, beach bar vibe. The diner is open for lunch and dinner daily, as well as breakfasts at the weekend, with menus that delight in offering a wide selection of eclectic but easily approachable dishes. Beloved favourites from the family’s historic beach bar, Mutt Lynch’s, are available too, including Pterodactyl Wings and made-to-order pizzas. Customers are also invited to discover brand new signature specials such as Chipotle Chicken Pasta, Steak Frites, and authentic Mexican food accompanied by house-made tortillas.

The venue’s extensive beverage programme celebrates local breweries and artisan winemakers from around the world, so pull up a seat at the bar and explore the amazing choice of drinks on offer. If you’re hungry, Mutt’s Eastbluff is proud to offer a variety of delicious food catering to a diverse audience. This makes it a welcoming and enjoyable place to hang out for both locals and visitors alike. The restaurant/bar revels in the opportunity to celebrate what gives America its character, namely its small town and community-minded vibes. It is proud to say you could walk into its establishment at any time of the day and always receive a welcome reflecting the wonderful, laid-back, Newport Beach attitude. It thinks of this as a core value that’s only become more deeply rooted as time has gone on, and is present whenever a customer walks through the door. Mutt’s is committed to ensuring that only the best food and beverages are served, and is delighted to dedicate its menu to serving dishes it knows customers have expressed a deep love and appreciation for.

Mutt’s history and Americana focus is celebrated in its distinctive décor, but also within its desire to exist as a wholesome environment in which to create family memories. It is heartened to be able to reminisce about Newport Beach, and celebrate what makes it such a great place, with a fabulous community spirit. Mutt’s offers several menu items that reflect unique elements of the town and its history, and the bar/restaurant is pleased it can serve as a central gathering place so people can carry on experiencing connections, community, and a good time!

At 2675 square feet, the venue offers plenty of indoor seating as well as a spacious patio. Designed by co-owner Meghan Murray, the character Mutt’s presents is a refined, family-friendly environment. Alongside the obligatory eclectic Americana adornments, Meghan’s design aesthetic also emphasizes repurposed retro furnishings, and includes the brand’s signature year-round Christmas fairy lights. Visually this conveys Mutt’s celebratory catchphrase “It’s a party and you’re invited.” Mutt’s other motto, “Find your pack”, ties in nicely with the design of the restaurant as a central gathering place where the community can come together, feel at home, and, yes, find their pack. This is a phrase that also rings true when the company is hiring, as it definitely looks for welcoming, energetic, and personable people, eager to help people feel at home in Mutt’s.

The company is hoping to expand the brand further still, and is currently actively looking for a second location in Southern California. Mutt’s is a place for creating memories with your children, reminiscing, and revelling in what makes the local community great. Beginning with its hometown in Newport Beach, each of Mutt’s locations are intended to celebrate the respective communities where they are sited, with distinct decor and unique menu items reflecting elements of the town and its history. The venue’s sister concept, Mutt Lynch’s, is located on the Newport Beach peninsula. It too is gearing up to expand, concentrating primarily on its bar programming, with a full liquor licence soon to be granted. This means there’s even more excuse to eat, drink, and be merry at Mutt’s, so what are you waiting for? Hurry on down, join in the fun, and while you’re there why not make a meal of it?

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