If you’re looking to plan your next summer holiday, you’ve likely already looked into visiting France, Spain, and Italy. These are tried and tested destinations and, while they are still wonderful countries, leave some people wanting to experience something new.

By flying a little further afield, you’ll be able to visit the Central American country of Costa Rica. This little slice of paradise is perfect for the intrepid traveller, and it can offer a balance of adventure and luxury. Read on to find out more.

Get Out on The Water

Costa Rica is perhaps most famous for its coastlines. To the east lies the Atlantic, and to the west is the Pacific, meaning Costa Rica is flanked on either side by truly magnificent ocean views.

Costa Rica is the perfect beach getaway. You can relax on the sand with your favourite book and soak in the sun, or you can get out on the water and get involved in some aquatic sports. You can surf, sail, or waterski Costa Rica, the opportunities are endless!

Explore the Countryside

Costa Rica isn’t all about its coastlines. While you’ll have plenty of fun on the beach and out on the water, you should also take the time to explore the amazing inland countryside. Despite being quite a small country, Costa Rica’s landscape is incredibly varied. There are tropical rainforests, lush grasslands, towering mountain peaks, and extensive river networks.

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you’d be hard-pushed to find somewhere better than Costa Rica. Take a trip into the countryside and explore everything this country has to offer.

Relax in a Luxury Hotel

While some of us crave adventure holidays and are constantly on the look out for that next big thrill, others want to use their time on holiday to relax, pamper themselves, and forget about their worries and everyday responsibilities.

The best thing about Costa Rica is that you can do either! While others might trek into the mountains, you can stay in one of the country’s numerous luxury hotels and give yourself the treat you deserve. Go for a spa treatment, book a massage, or simply relax by the pool – the choice is yours!

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Like most other Central American countries, Costa Ricans are fiercely passionate about their cultures and traditions, not least their national cuisine. Visiting the country will give you a chance to experience this food first-hand, and you’re certainly in for a treat.

Head out to a local restaurant or eatery for an authentic experience. There, you’ll be offered national delicacies such as rice and beans (gallo pinto), fried pork and beans (chifrijo), and corn pancakes (chorreadas).


Costa Rica strikes the perfect balance between adventure and luxury, and we think the best way to experience the country is to have a little of each. For adventure, spend time on the coast before heading to explore inland. For luxury, stay at one of the country’s fantastic hotels and then head out to try the national foods.