For Those Idyllic Luxury Adventures….

Founded in 2004, Tropicalboat Luxury Yacht Charters & Rentals remain one of the foremost entities on the luxury yacht charter market, providing a plethora of choice for those that just want to escape and enjoy the open sea. With options to explore Florida, the Bahamas or the greater Caribbean, Tropicalboat certainly aims to provide the perfect luxury excursion.

Eager to find out more, LUXlife took a deep dive to see how Tropicalboat has become the go-to choice for highly-discerning travellers, tourists and adventurers.

Regardless of the size, specification or class, yachts are an undeniable status symbol that brings to mind a life that savours and delights in leisure.  Since the 17th century, they have enjoyed a uniquely luxurious quality, used as the recreation vessels of choice for royalty. Indeed, some of today’s creations seem to embrace that imagery – becoming the very vision of grandiosity and opulence.

Throughout it all, yacht charter has remained a luxury mainstay, enjoyed by those that simply find enjoyment in idyllic surroundings and in a sense of unbridled freedom. After all, what could be more luxurious than pure recreation, relaxation and a seemingly infinite horizon? Of course, the enduring popularity of luxury charters has sparked a market defined by competition, as each broker looks to outdo the next. However, by adopting a decidedly client-centric ethos and an unrivalled dedication to quality, Tropicalboat has thrived in this environment.

With options for one day to multi-week charters, they prepare for any need or desire, whether the client craves an intimate trip or grand adventure. Divided into two separate, specialised divisions – Tropicalboat Miami charter division managing the Florida-based trips, whilst the Tropicalboat Bahamas & Caribbean charter division caters to those looking for more tropical climes – there’s a guarantee that the client is, always, in expert hands.

Moreover, by focusing their efforts on these two specific regions, they have quickly differentiated themselves in the greater industry. Where others have sought to expand to international offerings, Tropicalboat Charters realises that their strength lies in doing what they do best, though a well-deserved expansion to the Mediterranean looks to be on the cards soon.

But that’s to say nothing about what lies in store for those that do choose to charter a yacht from Tropicalboat. From the British Virgin Islands to St. Kitts and Nevis, Nassau and Bimini, and Boca Chita to Key Largo, the choice lies entirely in the client’s hands. Whether it’s astonishing golden beaches, the most perfect of sunsets, or the clearest of turquoise waters, true paradise is just one charter away and a luxury yacht provides the idyllic way to experience it all. Move from on-deck Jacuzzi to the soft sands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines with just a few short steps. What could be more tempting?

Of course, this is all treading around the real draw of Tropicalboat and that is the yachts themselves. Whether craving the colossal 228′ Oceanfast or the elegant 162’ Christensen, Tropicalboat makes sure to work with the world’s largest, finest and most exquisite yachting properties, meaning that they always have the perfect boat for the perfect occasion. Variety, after all, is the name of the game here – and variety they certainly offer. With over 1500 luxury yachts in their fleet, Tropicalboat have something to suit every lifestyle, budget and, ultimately, desire.

To be expected, the largest of these yachts boast some impressive amenities, including; cinemas, helipads, pools, water toys, spas and beach clubs – essential additions when it comes to entertaining large groups. Moreover, as standard, every charter includes an experienced captain and crew, meaning that everything is in hand. So, all that is left is for the client to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Looking for the ultimate luxury treat? Maybe indulge in the Aquila which impresses across its dominating 280ft length with its classic London bar, and private owner’s deck. The Tranquillity too is sure to delight. With an on-deck Jacuzzi, gym, and helipad across its 300ft, plus plenty of other offerings, this yacht is sure to create memories that last a lifetime.

Finally, there’s the Phoenix, which boasts a vast array of water sports gear – think supercharged jet skis, custom surfboards, windsurfing, and hoverboards, to name a few. At 295ft long, and with an exceptional dedication to elegant design, the Phoenix will certainly leave a lasting impression.

But that’s just a small taste of what Tropicalboat has to offer. To see all of the company’s exceptional offerings, be sure to take a look at their websites:

For Florida based trips:  www.tropicalboat.com 

For the Bahamas and Caribbean: www.caribbeanyacht-charters.com/