Halloween Glam: Party Girls in Spooky Outfits with Matching Makeup

All the it girls know that Halloween isn’t about looking scary… it’s about looking sexy! The key here is to master the art of achieving the perfect fusion of glam and gore.  

Whether you’re planning a spooky night bar hopping around town or keeping things exclusive at a house party, it’s only natural that you’ll want to look your best. 

No silly costumes around here. With our handy guide, you can look unreal in gorgeous UK party dresses and outfits while still being on brand for Halloween. If you’ve got it, haunt it.  


Trendy Glam-oween Costume Ideas 

If keeping up with the latest trends is one of your priorities, you could dress as a pop culture character this year. Take inspiration from these characters exactly as they are, or spook them up by creating a vampire version; just add fake blood, fangs, and red contact lenses. 


Barbie – The Barbie movie took the world by storm when it was released in July of this year. Dressing as this iconic character is not only super on-trend but also the perfect opportunity to look cute and show you’ve understood the assignment. 

Mirror one of Margot Robbie’s iconic outfits in the film by opting for a pink and white striped summer dress and daffodil accessories, a pink co-ord with a neck scarf and cowboy hat, or a pink patterned Lycra unitard with luminous yellow knee and elbow pads. 


Ariel from The Little Mermaid – Another character everybody has been talking about this year! Put together your own Ariel outfit and turn heads at this year’s Halloween celebrations.  

All you need is a green high-waisted long pencil skirt, a purple crop top or bikini top, and a pair of wedge sandals. Take things one step further with mermaid makeup. Beautiful, mythical, wonderful! You and this look were mermaid for each other.  


Wednesday Addams – Wednesday hit Netflix last November and had every day feeling like Friday. A great show, and a great Halloween costume idea!  

To finesse this look, all you need is a black long sleeve mini dress with a white collared shirt underneath, black stilettos, and your hair styled in those iconic long plaits.  


Euphoria – We can’t be the only ones who think that the outfits in Euphoria are one of the best things about the show. Every single character serves! The HBO teen drama is known for its stylish costumes, so you could dress up as any of the characters from the show.  

To become Jules for the occasion, wear a purple plaid miniskirt with a long-sleeved mesh top under a purple t-shirt. Embrace your inner Maddy with a hollow-out bodycon cocktail dress and long sleeve black gloves.  


Historical Glam-oween Costume Ideas 

Use Halloween as an opportunity to step back in time with your outfit. Vintage fashion for Halloween is always a good idea, so it makes perfect sense to dress yourself as an iconic historical woman.  


Pin-up girl – Channel your inner Betty Grable or Rita Hayworth with a pin-up girl costume, a look that became a social phenomenon in 1943. Find a cinched waistline, a full skirt, some red lipstick and ta-da. Sexy and perfect for a Halloween party. 


Flapper – Modern women have a lot to thank Flappers for. They were known for embracing freedom from traditional society, wearing short dresses and bobbed hair. For this look, you need a sequin tassel dress, fishnet tights, a long-beaded necklace, and a boa and headband. 


Golden Age Hollywood starlet – Always fancied living the life of a Hollywood star? For one night only, live the life of a 1920s Hollywood star. With this, you can be as extra and as OTT as you want to be. Think sequin maxi dress, fur jacket, and long sleeve gloves. And don’t forget those pin curls! 


Embrace Glam-oween  

This year don’t bother with a trip to the local fancy dress shop to purchase a costume that thousands of other people will have. 

Instead, take an iconic, trendy character and build your own costume around that. Find the necessary items of clothing from your fave fashion brands, and get creative with different accessories, makeup, and hairstyles. 

Have fun and express yourself through glamorous Halloween ensembles that’ll have the ‘likes’ flooding in on Insta. All treats, no tricks.