Dorset Milkyway

If you are lucky enough to be planning a luxurious holiday in Dorset, then you will want to take the time to plan out your itinerary. The county is filled with many things that visitors can enjoy while there, and this post will cover some of the more exciting and interesting things. 


Why Should You Visit Dorset?

Anyone looking for a getaway would be hard-pressed to find a better destination than Dorset. With its varied and beautiful landscapes, it’s no wonder why the county is such a popular tourist location. What makes Dorset so unique? From sandy beaches and cozy pubs to golf courses and historic homes, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful part of England. The four main areas that will be covered include Poole, Bournemouth, Weymouth, and Christchurch. With a place like Dorset, you will get more out of it if you go a mile deep and an inch wide rather than vice versa, and these four areas are more than enough to have a fantastic trip.



Poole is a coastal town known for its beaches and natural harbor, providing shelter from the stormy seas. It is also known for housing a large naval base manned by the famous Royal Marines and Special Boat Service. When searching for things to do in Poole, you should ensure that you opt for tours that take in its natural beauty. From the Jurassic coast to historically significant parks and buildings, you have plenty of options to choose from when visiting Poole.


Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast is a popular destination due to its impressive historical points of interest and the fact that it is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has over 10 miles of fossils and other geologic findings. It extends from East Devon to Dorset, spanning roughly 96 miles. Visitors can find fossilized teeth, bones, and shells that represent 185 million years of geological history.


Upton Country Park

Set in 120 acres of a mixture of stunning parks, forests, and coast, Upton Country park represents a perfect location to spend a day wandering around the grounds and enjoying the Georgian-style mansion. The mansion is a grade 2 listed building, which specifies that the property is a historical place of interest. You can easily spend an entire day getting wonderfully lost in and around the grounds.


Brownsea Island

With panoramic views of the Purbeck Hills across Poole Harbour, Brownsea Island is owned by the National Trust and a haven for nature lovers. It includes flourishing habitats bursting with wildlife and is especially existing for those who are avid twitchers. Bird-lovers will enjoy the opportunity to see all manner of beautiful avians, from kingfishers to dunlins, all in their natural environment.



Bournemouth is a coastal town not far from Poole but boasts many places to stay, thighs to do, and delicious food to eat. Victorian architecture is prominent in the town center, and the town, in general, is an extremely popular tourist destination for both foreign and domestic travelers.


Cycle The Portland Trail

You might want to participate in this activity after your sailing experience so that you can enjoy all that the coast has to offer. It is a 17-mile path that includes off-roading, cycling, as well as quiet trials. It is not overly strenuous, and those who are even moderately fit can do this route with ease. If you bring along a picnic, there are plenty of scenic locations to choose to stop and have some lunch.



In many ways, Christchurch is similar to the other locations in this post, but it still manages to have its own unique identity. IN addition to its natural beauty, it boasts a history stretching back to the seventh century.


Christchurch Castle Ruins

These fascinating ruins were some of the first buildings built after the successful Norman invasions in the mid 11th century. In many ways, this castle is a symbol of the Norman conquest of England. This site will reveal the impact its Norman creators had on England’s future, and as a result, it is well worth a visit.


Eat The World Famous Seafood

With a plethora of fantastic eateries, you are truly spoiled for choice. You can opt for high-class cuisine or go for simple fish and chips. Whatever you choose, the fish will be fresh, and you will have the perfect view to feed your eyes as well as your stomach.

Dorset is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to get away from it all. With its wealth of natural beauty, friendly locals, and delicious cuisine, there’s plenty to do here without feeling like you need to go anywhere else. If you’re looking for a luxury holiday in the UK that won’t break your budget or take up too much time traveling, then this is just where you want to be.


Private Flight Sightseeing Tour

Bournemouth (and Dorset in general) is the perfect place to get a bird’s eye view of the area, with its dramatic coastline and stunning farmlands punctuated by Victorian towns. You will experience something, unlike anything you’ve ever done before. The only downside is that passenger space is limited. Nonetheless, it is perfect for couples to spend time with each other, just don’t forget to bring your camera!


Soak In The Scenery From Bournemouth Pier

Although this might not be considered “luxury” in some people’s minds, the fact remains that it is a fantastic place to amble along with your loved ones, taking in all the Bournemouth has to offer. It is best to visit during the early afternoon to catch the sun as it sets over the horizon.


Check Out The Bournemouth Natural Science Society Museum

Although it is a comparatively small museum, it is full of wonders that you might not be able to fit into a day. With a particular focus on geology (partly due to its proximity to the Jurassic coast, as mentioned earlier), it has something for everyone. The museum also offers family-friendly activities and exhibits.



Weymouth is a historically important place that has had an oversized influence on the world. For example, it played a significant role in the settlement of the Americas by Puritan emigrants and influenced Georgian architecture so popular in the rest of the country.


Sailing Adventure In A Traditional Cutter

Casting off from the Portland marina, just down the road from Weymouth proper, you can experience life on the high seas and get up close to some of the most interesting rock formations in the world. With a qualified crew in tow, you can learn how to sail and maybe even enjoy a bottle of champagne if the weather is fine!