Comb going through fine long hair

People with fine hair know how challenging it can be to create any style as it easily gets plagued by limp locks and frizz. Of course, there is also the inability of the fine hair to hold curls for longer. All of this is enough for you to just give up and leave the fate of your hair on the weather condition.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. There are multiple tips and tricks for fine hairstyling that you can use to ensure your hair looks stunning all day long.

Here are some easy and effective tips to style fine hair:


Get The Right Cut

Fine hair ends up looking limp and flat but having the right haircut can help you avoid this problem. Think about the look you want and the problems you normally have with your hair. Here are some ideas:

  • Light layers work great for fine hair as they add more volume.
  • Shorter hair looks wonderful as it doesn’t weigh the hair down, preventing flat hair.
  • A long pixie cut can transform fine hair
  • You can even add some face-framing layers to the mix
  • Love bangs? You can certainly get them but use some dry shampoo to prevent them from going limp


Blow Dry Your Hair To Add Volume

One of the best way of adding volume to hair is with a blow dry. We know what you are thinking – blow drying fine hair is a major quest that you are bound to fail.

Certainty! But if you are using the wrong hairdryer. You need to select a hair dryer for fine hair to make it work for you. When it comes to fine hair, even heat distribution is the key. Even heat distribution prevents overheating which can cause breakage or dryness.

Hair dryers specifically made for fine hair do exactly that through the nozzle, different heat setting options and even speed controls. This allows you to enjoy a fabulous blow dry even on fine hair.


Avoid Using Conditioner On Scalp

Conditioners are important! Washing your hair means the cuticles are opened to get the right nourishment. However, using conditioner on the scalp will only result in limp and greasy hair.

The trick is to only use the conditioner at the ends of the hair. You can also scrunch wet hair with a little conditioner as it ensures better air drying.


Use Products At The Hair Ends First

Adding a lot of hair products to your scalp will only lead to troubled hair. You need to apply the hair products in a way that meets the needs of your fine hair. When applying a hair product, start from the ends and make your way up. Remember, little product goes a long way.


Put Product On Your Hand Before Applying On Hair

Even if you have the best hair products, they won’t work for you if you are using them wrong. Make sure you take out the hair product on your hands and then apply it on your hair.

Spray your palms first and then use the tip of your fingers to work the product into your hair. This helps add more texture and volume to your fine hair.


Never Overbrush Your Hair

Brushing your hair can add volume to your hair, but instead of adding the volume you hoped for, you would end up sabotaging your hair. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is overbrushing or rough-drying your fine hair.

Too much brushing can result in the hair looking limper than before. Brush your hair until it gets untangled and that’s it. When blow drying, use your hands instead of the brush for the initial 90% of the process.

Always be careful when brushing and blow drying your hair, as rough styling certainly doesn’t mean you can be careless or aggressive with your hair. This will certainly result in breakage. Always use a heat protecting serum or spray before using any heat product.

While it is wonderful to embrace the texture of your hair as it is since fine hair certainly works great in slick styles and wet-hair looks but it is important to take good care of it too. You can always add more texture and volume to your hair on different occasions just by using the right tools and tips.

Use these six simple tips to change the game for your fine hair. Just a few things can boost your flat strands and give them a shiny bounce. You will end up falling in love with your hair all over again!