Holiday gift guide for your loved one

If you’re struggling to know what to get your loved ones this holiday or need some last-minute ideas then read on!

You’d think that at this point in your relationship, you’d know just what to get your lover. But, here’s the issue: Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or a decade, you’ve somehow managed to buy your spouse all of the traditional gifts in the Secret Sales deals from a lovely bottle of cologne/ perfume to the gadget they’ve been admiring. So, if you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas, check out our list of the finest gifts for your significant other, which is full of fantastic stuff that will completely surprise them.

Every year, you struggle to find that one item that perfectly encapsulates their personality, interests and also has a sense of romance. But once the holidays are gone, you’ll see a hundred things they might have liked and be overcome with Christmas guilt. We’ve all been there, believe it or not. So let’s start from the beginning to avoid all of that tension. This list includes a variety of Christmas gifts that are sure to please your companion.


Personalized Wallet/ Purse

Engrave their first name, last name, monogram, or initials on the outside of a leatherette wallet or purse. Then, if you’d like, surprise them with a little message inscribed on the inner flap.


Wearable Blanket

With this present, you can make sure they’re cosy — literally — for all of their Netflix binges and Hallmark Christmas movie marathons. As the name implies, this blanket sweatshirt provides the best of both worlds: the cosiness of a sherpa-lined blanket with the added usefulness of sleeves and pockets.


Polaroid Pocket Photo Printer

It’s great to have a whole photo album. Still, there’s something unique about having a photograph in your hands, especially when it’s one of your friends and family. A small photo printer connects to your phone and allows you to print any photo in a matter of minutes.


Hotel Chocolat Velvetier

What if we told you there was a way to produce the most delectable, silky hot chocolate you’d ever tasted just at home? Wouldn’t it make a great present? Hotel Chocolat’s best-selling magical machine is back in stock and accomplishes precisely that, which is fortunate for us and you. All they have to do is pour their favourite milk and grated chocolate into the pot, push the button, and their hot drink will be ready in two minutes. So powdery hot chocolate that settles to the bottom of the mug is no longer an issue for your loved one.


Elago 3-in-1 Charging Dock

Suppose you’re searching for a Christmas gift for an Apple fan. In that case, this option will delight them since it provides a dedicated room for charging and storing all of their devices. Its slim design still has enough storage for an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, as well as a series of individually purchased chargers that connect through the back for a clean display.


Custom Face Photo Wrapping Paper

Take a closer look—this isn’t your typical gift wrap, but it’s something you’ll want to buy plenty of for the holidays. Although it isn’t a gift, imagine the delight on your giftee’s faces when they see their gifts wrapped with photos of your (or their!) face.


Sage Bambino Coffee Machine

Sage is the best in the market when it comes to household coffee machines. This sleek, attractive espresso machine simplifies the process of preparing a barista-quality flat white.


Beekman Yuletide Glow Candle Set

These bright, artisan-made candles feature delightful fruit aromas like orange blossom, lemon, and fig that aren’t overbearing. After the candle is finished, the elegant glass-lidded containers are ideal for storing jewellery and other small objects.


Oliver Bonas Electric Aroma Diffuser

This electric aroma diffuser from Oliver Bonas has a ridged ceramic construction that blends in seamlessly with your gift recipient’s décor while misting and permeating their home with the relaxing fragrances of essential oils. In addition, they can alter the settings with the touch of a button to diffuse for up to three hours, adapting the design to meet their needs and lifestyle.