Whether you’ve been given a sentimental heirloom or been treated to some brand-new shiny bling, you’ll want to make sure your jewellery is properly cared for to keep it safe, secure and looking its best for years to come.

This article will look at some top tips on looking after your most treasured jewellery.

Store in a safe place

Keeping your jewellery in a safe and secure place when you’re not wearing it can help protect it from damage or getting stolen. Making sure it’s out of the way of any children or pets is also a good idea to prevent it from being lost. Store necklaces separately to avoid them getting tangled and keep each piece covered to protect it from environmental damage such as dust.

If your pieces are particularly valuable, it might be worth investing in a safe for added security. Alternatively, you could create a storage box inside a drawer or cupboard that can be easily hidden or disguised.

Of course, if the worst were to happen, make sure you report the incident to the police and provide details of any stolen items.

Think about your daily plans

Before adding the finishing touches to your outfit with a bunch of expensive jewellery, think about what you’re likely to be doing during the day.

If you’re taking part in vigorous exercise, heading to the beach, swimming or applying creams or lotions, it’s worth leaving your bling behind.

If your work involves any form of chemicals or harsh materials, you might want to save the accessories for another day. Similarly, when you’re clearing out the garage or embarking on a cleaning spree, make sure you remove your jewellery before it has the chance to get scratched, damaged or lost.

Clean your items

Your jewellery will require regular cleaning and you’ll need to know the best method for each piece, as different materials and stones will need different care. There are natural ways of cleaning jewellery as well as specialist products you can buy to help restore their shine.

It’s also important to regularly dust and wipe down jewellery even when you’re not wearing it.

Take your jewellery to a professional

Whether it’s a missing stone or a band that’s lost its shimmer, regularly checking each of your pieces can help you know when it’s time to take them to a professional to have them repaired or serviced. Jewellery insurance can provide a level of protection for extremely sentimental or valuable items.

A reputable jeweller, such as a GIA-certified diamond specialist, will also be able to give you a valuation on your items should you want to know their worth.

Keeping your beloved items well maintained will help prolong their life and give you years of enjoyment.