Winter Clothing

Season change results in a complete reorganization of your closet and it is high time for you to store all the off-season clothes which can be more than challenging. Usually, we are not quite aware of how many clothes we actually have and when the moment of clothes rotation comes, we find ourselves struggling with space since we do not know where to put massive winter clothes. Truth to be said, proper winter clothes storing demands serious prep work and you need to make sure that your clothes will not only look the same but will smell pristine as well. Hence, here are some useful tips on how to store your winter clothes. 


Clear Plastic Totes 

It is odd to start with the packaging first, but this one is crucial, so let us take our time with it. No matter if you store your winter clothes in the attic, garage, or storage sheds, you need to make sure that your clothes are safe and packed well. Normally, the attic and garage are the part of your house, while storage sheds are built in your garden; and something more about storage sheds, these are the places where you can fit all of the stuff you cannot keep in your house due to lack of space. Your clothes can be stored in these sheds when put in plastic tots and hence you will prevent a number of the different damages such as water damage. 

It is desirable for your clothes to be stored in a cool, clean, dark, and dry location, and ignoring any of those factors can seriously damage your clothes. Cool and dry factors are the vital ones and places such as the attic and garage are highly prone to extreme changes that can cause serious damage to your clothes. 


Wash Your Clothes Before Packing 

Although you wear them just once and they do not look dirty, it is essential to clean your winter clothes before you pack and store them. This is vital for maintaining the original look of your clothes when stored. If you store unwashed clothes, even the most subtle body oils can cause your clothes to deteriorate and attract moths, make stains or even create an odor that is practically impossible to remove.  


Use Deodorizers 

Once you have washed all of your clothes and packed them well, it is time to use some deodorizer and freshen it a bit. Even though all of your clothes are thoroughly cleaned, there are high chances for them to start smelling a bit musty during the warm summer months. You can use a couple of drops of essential oils or dryer sheets inside containers and it is granted that your clothes will smell wonderful. 


Packing your winter clothes will not only take you loads of time but you have to approach this issue as smartly as possible. You need to take into consideration all the factors including the space where you will put all your clothing and how you will store it so that the original look is preserved.