Throughout our lives, our skin goes through multiple stages. Each phase presents a different set of challenges, from puberty to old age and everything in between. And luckily, there are various solutions to tackle each phase. No matter where you are in your life cycle, you will need a skin reset from time to time. A reset allows your skin to breathe and heal, which is vital if you are after clear-looking skin. Furthermore, a skin reset is simply that — taking it back a few notches so you can feel great again. And on that note, we have put together a guide on resetting your skin.  

But First, What Is a Skin Reset?

It is essentially a detox in which you remove built-up junk from your skin — especially your pores because they need it most. Since our pores are small openings that release sweat and oil, detoxing them from time to time is essential.  

How Do You Know When You Need a Reset?

Well, you will almost always need one, but the frequency depends on your skin type. Think about it this way: if you have not done one before, chances are you should and soon. A reset is even more vital if you are unknowingly using pore-clogging products. Furthermore, if you are changing your skin routine and looking for the best skin care products, opt for a reset before you make those changes. Now let us unpack how you can reset your skin.  

What Skin Reset Works for Me?

It is so important to understand your skin. Without understanding your skin type, you might end up using the wrong products and not effectively detoxing your skin, which — in turn — could lead to additional issues. And you don’t want that. With a skin reset, you want your skin to return to its neutral state — balanced, healthy, and hydrated.  

The Moisture Reset

This one is great for anyone with dry skin. The first step in this reset is your morning cleanse. Start with water. Yes, only wash your face with water in the morning. The idea is to use as little product as possible. By nighttime, you will start with a little product. Opt for products that contain natural ingredients, such as green tea and aloe vera.

The Balance Reset

Those with combination skin are also prone to difficulties. While it may seem easier to manage, for the most part, it is. However, a reset is still required. Here is how the balance reset works. The mornings and nighttime are when you will use some product, specifically when you wash your face. So, opt for a gentle cleanser that works for balanced skin. When washing your face, take special care to focus on the oily areas. And gently wash the dry areas. At night, use the same cleanser and, again, focus more on the oily areas. For those with combination skin, monitor your reset carefully and slightly adjust if needed.

The Light and Soft Reset

Ideal for those with oily skin. The idea here is to cleanse and also exfoliate. Gently wash your face with water in the morning and at night. You will not be using any product for cleansing. However, you can do this for exfoliation every second day or so. Use natural ingredients such as sea salt, honey, and lemon. Mix them, then gently apply them to your face. This reset allows your skin to breathe, which is fantastic for oily skin. But not only that, this combination fights off those impurities. But that’s not all — there are some more natural face scrubs to try, ones that smell good enough to eat.

The Gentle Reset

We did not forget about those who are acne prone — the gentle reset is for you. You will need to use a face wash that contains some natural ingredients in the morning and at night. Remember, you are giving your skin a break, so the more natural, the better. Since acne-prone skin is quite challenging, you must use some products here. You should also exfoliate but not excessively. About three times a week should work well. Do note that those with acne-prone skin should seek advice from their dermatologist before starting a reset. You might be using prescribed treatments, and taking a break could affect your progress.

End by Changing Your Skincare Routine

Skincare specialists advise you to change your skincare routine from time to time. For example, if you were using only a moisturizer, toner, and exfoliating once a month, we suggest adding a serum and using a mask once a week. As your skin changes, so should your routine. However, monitor these changes and adjust your routine as and where needed.  

Wrap Up

Looking after oneself sometimes requires a break from the day-to-day — for example, your daily skincare routine. One way to do this is to give your skin a break or, rather, a reset. What this does is breathe new life into your skin. And helps your skin go back to its neutral self. Find a reset that works for your skin type, and consider changing your beauty routine.