Skin is the largest organ in our body. It’s also one of the most complicated ones. Knowing how to take care of your skin properly can help protect you from the harmful UV rays, prevent acne, reduce wrinkles, and more! Let’s explore how to take care of your skin in a few simple steps-cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating.


CC Creams

CC Creams are all the rage right now, but did you know that they are not meant to replace your daily sunscreen? Try out a CC Cream with SPF 50+, at least. They’re great for an easy no-makeup look or if you don’t have time to layer on your sunscreen and makeup in the morning. Some of the best Korean CC creams on the market offer powerful anti-aging benefits. They also brighten skin and even out your complexion.

CC Creams are better than BB Creams because they offer more coverage and do not leave a grayish tint on your face. They’re also great if you have larger pores because they tend to blur out imperfections. Don’t expect them to cover up major acne or scars though-you will need concealer for that!


Skin Cleansing Routine

Did you know that hydrated skin can prevent acne? After washing your face, don’t dry it with a towel right away. Let your skin remain moist for about 10 minutes before patting it dry. Follow up by applying an antioxidant serum to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

After you cleanse your skin, apply a moisturizer that contains SPF to protect your skin against the sun’s harsh rays. If you already use an antioxidant serum, go ahead and follow up with an SPF moisturizer. It’s important to note here that no matter what product you choose-serum, moisturizer, or sunscreen-it needs to go on last, but it should be reapplied at least once or twice throughout the day.


Exfoliating Routine

Did you know that exfoliation will help improve the overall texture and tone of your skin? I’m sure many of you have heard about microdermabrasion, which is a form of chemical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation can remove the top layer of skin and reveal a healthier complexion under all that dirt and grime. The most common chemical in microdermabrasion is salicylic acid.

This ingredient helps combat acne by removing dead skin cells, which prevents future breakouts from occurring. Be careful when applying products containing this ingredient, especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from rosacea or eczema (which often goes hand-in-hand). If you suspect your skin might be too dry after using these types of treatments, use a hydrating mask to restore balance and moisture to the face.


Retinol Treatments

Did you know that retinol is one of the safest and most effective anti-aging skincare ingredients on the market? It’s a derivative of Vitamin A, which has been found to dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re new to this ingredient, go easy by applying it every other night before bedtime. Wait about 10 minutes for your skin to absorb it completely before continuing with your nighttime routine.

Some dermatologists recommend using a Vitamin C serum at the same time as a retinol treatment. Together, this nutrient-rich product can reverse sun damage and wrinkles caused by age or overexposure to UV rays from the sun. Follow up each application with an antioxidant serum and sunscreen during morning hours. Your skin will thank you for this routine!


Eye Cream

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is super-sensitive? It needs extra attention when it comes to taking care of its appearance. One best practice tip when using an eye cream is to use it at night, especially if you wear makeup during the day. Eye makeup can block pores and prevent these products from absorbing into the skin. In addition, avoid rubbing your eyes, as this will cause more wrinkles and fine lines to appear!



Did you know that it’s best to avoid waxing during the summer months? The heat opens up your pores, which makes the hair follicles much more accessible for hair removal. Use this time to take care of any unwanted hairs with threading instead. This technique has been around since ancient times and is still considered one of the most effective ways of removing facial hair without causing too much damage to the skin. The benefits of waxing include the ability to shape your eyebrows, remove unwanted facial hair, and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Knowing how to take proper care of your skin is a lot easier than you think! By following a simple skincare routine, you’ll be on your way to healthier and younger-looking skin in no time.