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A photograph is much more than just an image, it is a memory that has been captured for the user to behold until the end of time. We choose to snap photographs at the times in our lives that we wish to cherish and treat them as keepsakes, holding them close to our hearts, reminding us vividly of how we felt in those momentous, joyous times. We turn to the camera during the great experiences in life such as the time when our children took their very first steps, the day when sacred vows were made to one another and when embarking upon that unforgettable family vacation. A photograph is a true vision of any given moment that captures not only our physical being but also our raw, genuine emotions, which brings them to possess the element of total sentimental value.

Photographers all around the globe understand the phenomenal sentimental power that the photograph beholds hence the reason they make it their mission in life to seize the moment and capture the perfect camera shot. They perceive their precious camera as the ultimate treasure, that they are able to bestow on each and every person who is present within their frame. After all, there is nothing more of value to the human race as the power of being in possession of the ultimate piece of nostalgia, memories truly are priceless.


Photography Tools Have Advanced!

In times not so long ago, the tools photographers had to work with were incredibly limited indeed however, nowadays the technology surrounding the vocation truly has advanced similarly to the innovative equipment surrounding videography. Just like all elements within the world, technology has provided endless possibilities and now photographers everywhere have the power to enlist the ultimate tool to aid them in creating the ultimate work of art.

Yes, the magnificent feature known as Lightroom has made it possible to not only snap the perfect moment but also to edit it, transforming it into the most exquisite photograph humanly possible. Lightroom is a godsend to not only the photographers of today but also the whole human race, aiding them in turning a standard image into an impeccable masterpiece! Here are some useful tips to help you in making your photos absolutely flawless.


Correct the White Balance

Sometimes when taking pictures, especially outside when the sun is blazing bright, we can find ourselves met with a blue tint present within the shot. This blue tint causes the image to appear artificial, proposing the need for a little tweaking for the desired natural-looking finish, like that of the naked eye. Lightroom gives you the power to edit and correct the white balance, making it possible to transform the photograph for a more natural finish. The feature allows you to correct the white balance post-production or whilst you are in action capturing the shot.


Alter the Saturation and Vibrance

Lightroom possesses the ability to adjust the photo’s vibrance and saturation, providing the shot with the ultimate wow factor! Lightroom comes equipped with the feature of sliders that allow you to adjust colors accordingly, by simply moving the sliders you can exhaust the feature until you stumble upon the desired effect. This feature gives you the ability to alter the color within the image without the finish looking artificial.


Brighten Up or Darken Specific Areas (Dodge/Burn)

There may be times when you require to brighten (dodge) or darken (burn) specific areas of the image without causing change to the entire shot. Say for instance, if you were embarking on creating the perfect shot of a person and desired to brighten up specific facial features, then the only way to achieve this would be to install local adjustment brushes for portraits – the adjustment brush will give you the power to focus on the particular areas you wish to adjust without causing any unwanted change to the remainder of the photograph. Resulting in creating a flawless portrait!


Adjust the Highlights and Shadows

Often photographs possess the not-so-good quality of being clipped, capturing only solid black and white areas within the shot. This results in those areas of the picture holding absolutely zero pixel detail, causing the image to appear basic. However, Lightroom has the phenomenal capability to recover most of these shots, giving you the opportunity to hopefully salvage that perfect shot!


Remove Pollutants from the Shot

Whether you are taking a shot either inside or outdoors, the fact is your lens or sensor glass becomes prone to picking up pollutants such as dust and environmental debris. This debris becomes most prevalent in photographs that possess flat colored areas such as the sky. The innovation of Lightroom technology allows you to remove such pollutants from shots by simply using the spot removal tool. It works to automatically remove debris from shots by copying another area of the picture onto the spot, eliminating pollutants from spoiling the photograph. It also gives you the power to adjust the area you are copying from by simply moving the position of the circle.


Alter the Contrast

Lightroom provides you with the ability to alter the contrast of your shot, bringing flat images to life! This can be achieved by simply moving the slider from left to right, resulting in either decreasing or increasing the contrast within the image. You could also choose to take advantage of the Tone Curve section if you desire more control over the image.


Crop and Straighten

It is essential for every photographer to possess the ability to successfully crop and straighten images accordingly post-shot, to ensure in perfecting the ultimate photograph. It is especially important in images that possess vertical or horizontal lines for example, an image separating the land from the sky. Also when capturing images there is the risk of suffering converging lines, which may portray for instance objects seeming off balance. The most recent version of Lightroom (Classic CC) contains an automatic option for the straightening of images and can fix the problem of converging lines. Doing a great job of putting that balance into your shots.

Yes, the ways and means of producing the perfect image certainly have evolved in recent years. Now just by adopting the magnificent features that Lightroom has to offer, you can magically edit your photographs to successfully create the most flawless, stunning images possible!