Sun shining through snow covered branches in a field in the UK

When thinking about holidays, we tend to dream about sunbathing and relaxing by the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea. Indeed, the idea of the perfect break often coincides with long summer days and sleeveless walks along the riviera.

With the winter months fast approaching, though, tanning opportunities are going to be far less frequent. Unless, of course, you decide to hop on a plane and sprawl out on the beaches of the Maldives. However, chilly weather should not put you off from booking and enjoying some well-deserved breaks.

Winter is a magical season. What is more, you needn’t travel to the other side of the globe to have a wonderful time. The UK is rich in mesmerising landscapes which become that little more special during the colder and crispier months of the year. Not only that but it is also packed with plenty of memorable events that will certainly get you into the festive spirit.

With this in mind, we have pulled together a few tips on how to prepare for an unforgettable British getaway this winter. We’ll be listing some splendid locations and activities that will make your short winter break shine.



So, you have decided you want a small vacation to unwind from the tedious routines of everyday life. Great choice! It may not be time to leave yet, but it is wise to take action as soon as you have decided. Here is how to ensure that you get the winter getaway you deserve:

  • Book early Looking to travel to a popular British location and attend a well-known event? Book your tickets way in advance to avoid disappointment and missing out. Chances are that many other vacationers are hoping to go there too. Reserve your place before someone else snatches it.
  • Plan your break – Once your reservations are all sorted, it is time to plan out how you want to make the most of your winter trip. Also, do not wait too long to pack your bag. You do not want to leave any essentials behind, do you? As you know, temperatures can be pretty challenging during the winter. Remember to wrap up warm so the cold cannot spoil your little adventure.
  • Compare options – Options for winter breaks are endless. Therefore, take a look at the numerous alternatives and pick the one that suits you best. By comparing different options, you may be able to bag yourself the best deals on offer!


Winter break ideas

There is no denying that we live in a beautiful part of the world, with amazing landscapes and vibrant cities right on our doorstep. With so many enticing destinations to choose from, it may be difficult to set your heart on a specific location. After much pondering, we have listed a few places that will undoubtedly offer you a winter break to cherish forever.



If peaceful walks and stunning views are your cup of tea, Northumberland may be (although not literally) right up your street. The area boasts everything from the rustic scenery of Northumberland National Park to iconic coastal paths. There are infinite magical spots to enjoy in this British region.

Once you’ve tired yourself out, you can enjoy a cosy stay inside a castle hotel with remarkable architecture and evanescent lodgers, or sip lagers in the pub of one of Northumberland’s quaint villages.


Shetland Islands

Fancy an adventurous escape like no other? Despite being relatively close to Norway, the Shetland Islands are part of the UK and rightly deserve a place on this list.

With their Viking history and golden beaches, the Shetland Islands are the ideal setting for a unique winter break. Thanks to the island’s low light pollution, it is also possible to witness the Northern Lights on a clear, dark winter night. A stay here is certainly a bucket-list experience that you will never forget!



Quite frankly, it would be criminal not to mention London. Lively and buzzing all year round, the capital city is full of charm during the winter season too.

On a dry day, you can enjoy a stroll through its glorious parks, Christmas markets, and magically lit streets. You will not be short of options on a rainy day either; from free museums to incredible West End shows, London never disappoints!


Wells, Somerset

If you are not keen on spending your winter getaway in a metropolis, why not stay in the UK’s smallest city?

Wells is a small gem in Dorset that is bound to get you into the festive spirit. The towering Christmas tree and a four-day market, selling mulled wine and local produce, are sure to impress. You can also attend candlelit carol services inside Wells’ medieval cathedral and get involved in wreath-making workshops. All in all, an excellent choice for an intimate winter trip.


North Norfolk coast

Is the memory of your summer days on the beach making you feel nostalgic for the sunnier season? Cure your nostalgia with a winter break to North Norfolk and its delightful beaches.

You may not get the chance to sunbathe, but you can walk along its award-winning coastline and take boat trips to see the region’s colony of adorable grey seals.

Furthermore, if you need to pop into town to complete your Christmas shopping, Norwich is just a short drive away.

It is true that temperatures start dropping and days get shorter, but the winter season has a few aces up its sleeve. From snowy landscapes to towns and cities brimming with festive activities, this season has a lot to offer.

Therefore, why not book a winter break this year? We hope that this article will inspire you when searching for your perfect getaway. It will certainly be one to remember!