A wedding bouquet with white, yellow. and pink flowers. The Ascents Floral logo is on the middle left side

Flowers are an integral part of a wedding – featured in bouquets, boutonnieres, and décor. Henceforth, its imperative to find a company that will take your wishes seriously and fulfil your floral dreams. Acscents Floral is a company that will do just that and more, creating arrangements that not only match your requests, but also reflect who you are.

Based out of Thornton, Colorado, for over 20 years, Acscents Floral has been providing premium floral designs and timeless arrangements for weddings and events across the state and beyond. Indeed, the company believes that such floral arrangements should be a reflection of who the client is – and this is the approach that it takes for weddings, events, corporate parties, or celebrations of life. Henceforth, Acscents Floral prides itself on its willingness to get to know and truly understand its clients.

‘I LOVE what I do and the happiness I get to bring to my clients. Seeing their faces and the love they have for my designs and their wonderful reviews is why I love doing what I do,’ writes Tamera Herreid, the founder of Acscents Floral. Working with the finest silk, sola, and fresh flowers, Acscents Floral designs and creates bespoke arrangements, and as a result, it does not offer wedding packages. Instead, Acscents Floral collaborates harmoniously with each couple, starting from the initial free consultation. This ensures that each arrangement is completed not only to the couple’s taste, but also to the highest quality.

Consequently, Acscents Floral has attracted a broad clientele. The company strives to provide excellent standards of customer service, as it takes pride in what it does and hopes to leave a lasting impression on each client. Therefore, interacting with clients, learning their quirks and personalities is of the utmost importance. Tamera continues, ‘I have been enormously blessed over these past 20+ years in business to have worked with some of the most amazing clients, some of which I am lucky to call my friends whom I still stay in touch with.’

As the company operates as a one-woman show, this connection between Tamera and her clients is heightened. Moreover, the need to deliver quality is paramount – ‘I am my staff. I am a one-woman shop, so I am my success or failure. I have family and friends that assist with day-of set up, but I do all the meetings, prep, and design.’ Subsequently, Acscents Floral only takes on one or two clients each weekend, depending on the size of the event, in order to enable Tamera to focus her time and attention into making the events as showstopping as possible.

The biggest challenge that Acscents Floral had to face came in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this unstable period, Acscents Floral’s business dropped by 66% due to the introduction of social distancing and restrictions. However, as restrictions have eased, the company has seen an influx in demand for floral arrangements and décor. 2021 served to be the Acscents Floral’s biggest year on record – a trend that Tamera hopes will continue.

‘With the massive increase in demand, I could easily expand my business and hire additional designers, however, that would impact my core values. I want to continue to provide exemplary service to my clients,’ Tamera clarifies. With two decades of experience behind her, she still boasts the same passion that she did on day one. As such, Acscents Floral will continue to be a home-based, one-woman business. However, Tamera does have plans for the future – ‘I would love to get a little “she shed” to operate out of so I can spread out, close the door at the end of the day, and free up some garage space for my hubby…….maybe someday soon.’


For business enquiries, contact Tamera Herreid at Acscents Florals via  https://acscentsfloral.com/.