Interior of cozy restaurant in the modern style

Veganuary encourages people to adopt a plant-based diet for the first month of the year. In 2022, more than 620,000 people pledged to try a vegan diet, a significant rise from 582,538 in 2021 and 400,000 in 2020.

Interestingly, a study found that people aged 55+ are more likely to adopt a vegan diet compared to younger generations. What’s more, they tend to do it for health reasons. This certainly flies in the face of the stereotypical image of vegans as young social activists!

Businesses are also adapting their practices. The organisation behind Veganuary has revealed that over 1,540 new vegan products and menus were launched in its campaign countries, from Chile and India to right here in the UK.

As a result, exciting restaurants, cafes and snack bars with a wide variety of plant-based options are opening around the nation. These vegan-friendly destinations are pushing the boundaries of eating out, creating inviting spaces for people to experiment with cruelty-free food.

Pure Leisure, provider of luxury holiday parks and homes in Wales and beyond, explores 10 Instagrammable vegan-friendly destinations in the UK, starting with Lancaster.

Key findings

  • Veganism is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, with Veganuary participation rising from 400,000 in 2020 to 620,000 in 2022.
  • Recent research reveals that vegan hospitality venues are creating new plant-based dishes to accommodate for this trend, with 1,540 new vegan dishes coming to life in Veganuary’s participating countries.
  • Farmacy (79.5K followers) comes out on top as the most Instagrammable vegan destination in the UK, making London the place to be for vegans.
  • London and Manchester appear the most in our list with three appearances each, followed by two restaurants in Belfast.


10. Pink Lettuce (@pink_lettuce_chester – 2.4K followers – Chester)

Pink Lettuce is a hidden gem in Chester! You’ll be wowed from the moment you walk in the door; the black and white checkered floor, pink hanging curtains and bright green plants are a refreshing sight. The food is perfectly aesthetic, with everything from potato pancakes to sweet potato and chickpea boats. And the burger buns are pink!


9. The Herbarium (@theherbariumbar – 5.2k followers – Lancaster)

If you’re looking for aesthetic food to energise your feed, visit The Herbarium in Lancaster. Just a stone’s throw away from the Lake District, this plant-based destination has everything from breakfast burritos to Belgium waffles and Tandoori chick’n wraps. Once you see the stone floors, natural wood tables and lush hanging plants, you’ll be desperate to visit!


8. Herbivorous (@herbivorousfood – 8.6k followers – Manchester)

Herbivorous is a vegan dream. The exterior and interior décor is just as colourful as the mouth-watering food. Inspired by their road trip across the United States, the founders have created an exciting plant-based menu brimming with comfort food. From the Philly cheesesteak sandwich to paprika wings and fries, each dish is made from scratch and will leave you wanting more.


7. Jumon (@jumondreams – 8.6k followers – Belfast)

Next on our list is Jumon, a plant-based destination with patterned plates, gold hanging lamps and eye-catching art on the walls. The comfortable benches and atmospheric lighting allow customers to sit back and relax. Fresh and Asian-inspired, choose from its famous Jumon Ramen, Kundan Kurry and much more. And don’t forget the deserts and cocktails, all of which are crafted with love for everything plant-based!


6. Tony and Jen’s (@tonyandjens – 12.5k followers – Belfast)

If you’re ever feeling peckish in Belfast, Tony and Jen’s is the perfect place to be. Run by two nutritionists, this vegan destination has an assortment of tasty treats on offer, from peanut butter oats to chocolate popcorn and noodle salads. The invigorating orange walls that await you inside are enough to make you stop and look from across the street. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, the snack bar also sells dog biscuits and treats!


5. Doner Summer (@donersummer – 37k followers – Leeds, York, Manchester and Sheffield)

Named after the one and only disco queen, Doner Summer is a Northern mainstay in Leeds, York, Manchester and Sheffield. The brick walls and hanging plants are the perfect place to enjoy an array of indulgent foods, such as garlic chili chick’n kebabs, buffalo ranch burgers and garlic parmesan fries. It doesn’t get any taster than that! 


4. Wholesome Junkies (@wholesomejunkies – 44.9k followers – Manchester)

Wholesome Junkies has a deliciously tempting menu filled with amazing options, including vegan teriyaki burgers, roast dinners and corn ribs. The restaurant is filled with colourful décor, from purple benches to rainbow tables and blue plates, and you’ll be itching to take a snap within a matter of seconds.


3. Bubala (@bubala_london – 46.7k followers – London)

London is home to Bubala. Decorated with deep green tiles and golden accent walls, this destination is a must try for vegans (and vegetarians). You can visit the capital, wine and dine on everything from charred oyster mushrooms to smashed batara harra and enjoy this Veganuary in style.


2. Mildreds (@mildredsrestaurants – 54.8k followers – London)

London is filled with vegan food destinations, but Mildreds take the cake for being one of the most Instagrammable. This restaurant has incredible fast food options, including chipotle cheez nachos, Korean fried chick’n* and ginger sticky toffee pudding. Mildreds’ pastel décor is as inviting as it gets, and there are branches in Soho, Camden, King’s Cross, Dalton and Covent Garden. 


1. Farmacy (@farmacyuk – 79.5k followers – London)

Everyone should treat themselves to a meal at Farmacy. The bohemian restaurant is based in London, but the ingredients are grown at the ‘Farm’ Farmacy in Kent on a certified biodynamic plot of land. In turn, each dish is created with your experience and the environment in mind. Enjoy jackfruit loaded tacos, falafel waffles, truffle ramen and the UK’s most Instagrammable vegan destination!

Veganuary is only the start. Once you’ve gotten a taste for vegan foods, you can continue to eat plant-based throughout the year. This means more gorgeous meals and aesthetic décors. What more could you want?