It is time to switch up your outfit when the temperature starts to dip slightly and leaves begin to change.

Fall marks a fresh start in terms of fashion, considering that it brings a touch of cool new looks, more structured designs and luxury fashion. So, what are these key pieces that will change the way your wardrobe looks?

The stealth wealth

Sometimes, you may want to speak volumes with your looks without shouting. This means mastering the art of understatement. Go for quality over quantity, or anything with many “whistles” and “bells”. Think of it this way: choosing simple pieces made out of luxurious materials will show the classiness and elegance of your outfit.

Boldness with red

A bright red is one of the season’s definitive colours. It has a warm and rich tone that harmonizes flawlessly with a natural colour palette of fall. Opt for shades of red within the orange-toned family to get that universally flattering colour. Wearing red, especially on the upper body (sweater, blazer, fall dress or a blouse), gives your skin a youthful glow throughout the day and night.

Luxury fashion you need this fall

A pair of sheath dress

Silky slip dresses provide the versatility to pair with various unexpected clothing items. These dresses are particularly well-suited for combining with loose, comfortable sweaters or oversized blazers. The key is to play around with the contrasts. The laid-back vibe that cotton brings or the wool ruggedness mixed with sleek dress texture adds depth and intrigue to the outfit while maintaining a simple overall look. To beautifully complete the look, leather ankle boots can do the magic. Satin and radiant silks create the ideal and most relaxed dress silhouette.

Dramatic Earrings

Dramatic earrings offer so much with so little effort. This means you can change any outfit’s mood with modern, sculptural earrings. For instance, pairing a set of earrings with your jeans and tee ensemble can transition it from a casual and basic daytime outfit to a fun and festive evening look.

An oversized blazer

With everything changing and evolving, working toward an adaptable wardrobe that can seamlessly transition from ultra-professional to a casual and cool outfit is essential. A blazer, particularly an oversized one, serves as the ideal complement to your outfit as it bridges the gap between a formal and luxurious, relaxed look.

Whether you opt for a solid or patterned blazer, the choice is yours! Regardless of your selection, you can effortlessly drape it over anything to make your outfit look both classic and contemporary. Moreover, the blazer proves to be an excellent layering piece. For instance, it can be worn over the summer dresses or shorts during a sunny day.

Wide-legged jumpsuit and jeans

Wide-leg trousers have been a lasting trend for fall over the years, unlike the super skinny ones that work for a year and dropped the next year. This timeless silhouette effortlessly fits almost any upper body cloth, making it the best piece in your fall wardrobe. When it comes to jeans, opt for those with a higher waistband for maximum versatility. Wide-leg jeans look elegant with almost any top and footwear. Pair a wide-leg jumpsuit with ankle boots or classic white sneakers for a refined look.


Fall is all about luxury, sophisticated and effortless pieces with minimal fuss. Skirts will be available in various sizes, ranging from long and short to medium. A slim pencil skirt, designed by various fashion houses, can be styled with a chic power jacket. Also, a crewneck knit can style well with a hand-embroidered white skirt.

In a nutshell

Most of the pieces mentioned lean toward high-quality, minimalist essentials that style better in the fall. Fall, being one of the nicest seasons of the year, can be further enhanced with luxurious and stylish staples.