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Motorcycles are incredibly impressive! The most exciting and lovable thing about bikes is the fact that they keep evolving and getting better. Bikes are one of the many things that their manufacturers ensure that the technology is usually advanced. Motorcycle producers are always trying hard to develop new models and features or create upgrades of their best motorcycle to become more compact, bigger, and faster to give you a run for your money. The list gathered below is concise and properly compiled. In fact, on this list, you might be tempted to think that some motorcycles are unreal due to their features and abilities. They certainly are not. Instead, they are only properly made motorcycles and are among the most promising motorcycles built with one thing in mind: originality and a pleasant user experience. In this list are some of the best luxury motorcycle brands in the market curated for motorcycle lovers in no particular order.


Best Luxury Motorcycle Brands To Try Out

Many companies make luxury motorcycles. However, it is important to know that the company in question is not the key determinant of how effective and efficient the motorcycle will be. You can find so many guides at www.timeless2wheels.com, however, here are a few great and effective luxury motorcycle brands that you should consider when purchasing a motorcycle. These bikes are listed based on their history of quality, performance, and reliability.


Honda Monkey

This is one of the best motorcycles to grace earth itself. The Honda Z series, popularly referred to as Monkey Bike, was a line of minibikes created by Honda. Officially, Honda’s Z50A, Z50M, Z50R, Z50J, and ZB50 are known as the Monkey and Gorilla because of their tiny frame and cramped riding position, similar to that of a monkey or gorilla. The engine of this bike is a whopping nine horsepower. The fuel pump is a PGM-FI with automatic enrichment. With several improvements in each update, it used to be a  125 engine that will be further updated for 2022.  It has an estimated top speed of 55 meters per hour. 


Ducati 749

The Ducati 749 is an extremely powerful beast. It is a 90° V-twin Desmodromic valve actuated engine sport bike built by Ducati Motor Holding between 2003 and 2006. The great Pierre Terblanche designed it. The 749 was available as the 749, 749S, 749R, and 749 Dark. The small engine it possesses gives the chassis the right amount of power in certain road riding situations. In addition, the 749 has a unique kind of balance, and of course, an addictive precision in its steering. It’s referred to as a beast due to its acceleration and braking, making it a machine that surprises riders with its understated ability.


Suzuki Boulevard S40

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 is a lovely motorcycle that is also aesthetically pleasing. The Suzuki Motor Corporation built the lightweight cruiser motorcycle for the Japanese domestic market and exported it to various nations, such as New Zealand, North America, Chile, and others. This beauty could reach a maximum speed of 81 meters per hour and 130 kilometres per hour. The max torque was a freaking 33.93 ft/lbs (46.0 Nm) @ 3400 RPM. It is also said to have 30.04 horsepower. The low seat height (only 27.6 inches) is a great feature for smaller or entry-level riders. The Boulevard S40 comes with an attractive tear drop-shaped fuel tank with a 2.8 gallon capacity with a flush-mounted speedometer.


Honda CB 300R

The Honda CB300R is the 286 cc version of the CB series. It is a single-cylinder standard/naked bike that Honda has made since 2017. The CB300R debuted at the 2017 EICMA, went on sale in Europe and Asia in 2017, and the U.S. in 2018. This beautiful “baby” moves at 90 meters per hour. The motorcycle is pretty much a Honda at heart, offering great design and build, premium quality, and of course, a very competent riding experience, but stops short of being dramatic or overly exciting. Nevertheless, the CB300R is a fun bike that’s easy to live with and carries the brand’s hallowed reputation for reliability.


Kawasaki Z400 ABS

This is another fantastic motorcycle created by the great Kawasaki motorcycles and engines. The engine is capable of producing 27.00 horsepower (19.7 kW)) and 37.97 Nm (3.9 kg-m or 28.0 ft. lbs) of torque at 8000 RPM. This motorcycle has a drive-train. The Kawasaki Z400 can reach a maximum top speed of 147.0 km/h (91.3 mph).


It is important always to choose the best when you want to buy a luxury motorcycle because the results and outputs are much more reliable. In addition, motorcycles are pure bliss and, of course, a sight to behold even to non-riders.