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With Globe Travel and Tours, the world is your oyster. Hailing from South Africa, but also with offices in UAE, Europe, and USA, the agency invites you to explore its homeland through its Proudly South African Dreams Collection, but also a list of other spectacular destinations, whether Japan, Bali, Dubai, Iraq, Korea, Morrocco, Istanbul, Pakistan, and many more. Wherever your desires take you, the professional, trusted team at Globe Travel and Tours can curate the perfect package for you with customised itineraries and an incredible price, so all you have to think about is kicking back and relaxing and making the greatest memories to cherish.

Since 2012, Globe Travel and Tours has been a full-service tour operator committed to providing travellers with extraordinary tailor-made experiences. With accessibility, enjoyability, and affordability among its priorities, the team strive to ensure clients are personally taken care of from their very first point of contact to the end of their trip. It is an agency committed to excellence, offering a creative, reliable, and efficient service partnered with superior knowledge and devotion towards cultivating lifelong relationships.

From flights to accommodation to itineraries to visa processing to transportation to meal planning and more, the team are passionate about covering all bases, eliminating any travel-related hassles, and making each experience as convenient as it can possibly be. The team understand how stressful travel can be, especially when going to a new destination, and they are even available 24/7 to cater to their clients’ every need. As such, travellers can completely unwind and relax, save costs, and thoroughly enjoy their trip.

So, if South Africa is a dream travel location for you, Globe Travel and Tours has a variety of marvellous opportunities to choose from. The agency is very excited about its Proudly South African Dreams Collection, where you have the chance to explore the very best of South African hospitality and culture. Travellers are offered a variety of packages including Wild South Africa, where guests can call a luxury safari camp home for six nights; Viva South Africa, a 15-day journey highlighting the country’s astounding diversity; Garden Route Splendour, a five-night getaway exploring the municipality’s breathtaking coastline; and many more.

Meanwhile, for those who have yet to tick Japan off their bucket list, the agency offers a Hello Japan package with five-night four-star hotel stay in Tokyo, followed by a speed train journey to Osaka and five-night four-star stay there, accompanied by breakfast every morning of the trip. Also included are passes for Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Osaka with transfers. From there, if you fantasise about vacationing in Bali, there is a ten-night trip available with four-star deluxe villa, daily breakfast, and waterfall, rice terraces, and monkey forest tour to immerse oneself in. Then, Majestic Morrocco is another phenomenal package offering a ten-night five-star luxury riad stay, daily breakfast and dinner, and remarkable Agafay Desert dinner with camel ride.

If any of these sound perfect to you, or you would like to discover the other wonders of the world that Globe Travel and Tours can send you to, then the team is more than ready to share their exclusive range of travel deals and promotions. Whether you’re looking for a luxury escape, a trip of a lifetime, or a budget-friendly getaway, Globe Travel and Tours has the ultimate offer for you.

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