bridge walk at sunset

It’s no secret that Unzen is world renowned for its serene hot springs and breath-taking scenery, and its allure is simply irresistible to even the most well-travelled individuals. If you’re looking to retreat to a secluded mountain resort, outfitted with a harmonious blend of Japanese and Western architecture, you needn’t look further than Unzen Kyushu Hotel. By combining hot spring rooms with an array of atmospheric amenities, this resort allows guests to treat their senses to the natural beauty of Unzen’s mountainous majesty.

From the moment guests approach the enchanting entrance of Unzen Kyushu Hotel, they’ll be greeted by the classic motifs that first made it so notably unique. Though small, its front lobby masterfully marries Japanese and Western styles in order to let the ‘old and new resonate’. This is accomplished through a combination of the area’s most beautiful stone and wood grains, which ultimately lend to the natural atmosphere of the resort. And, as if that wasn’t the best way to start your route to relaxation, every guest will be offered a beautiful blend of tea as a welcoming gift.

As a result of its site consisting of four buildings, namely the entrance, the accommodation building, the restaurant building, and the detached building, Unzen Kyushu Hotel boasts a stunning courtyard space for guests to experience following their check-in. Its selection of azaleas, dogwoods, maples, alongside various types of foliage and fauna, serves to sweep travellers’ minds into absolute bliss, all whilst giving them a taste of the four seasons of Unzen. Partnered with the sound of water and the pleasant mountain breeze, this provides guests with a truly tranquil experience unlike any other.

If travellers are looking for a room that fully captures the mountainous views, then Unzen Kyushu Hotel’s accommodation building is easily the best choice. Every guest room faces the Jigokudani of Unzen, and each boasts a semi-open-air bathroom with a sulfur spring that’s simply bursting with atmosphere. Its marvellous terrace serves as a means for guests to connect with their natural surroundings in new and exciting ways, whilst remaining comfortable no matter what.

By combining traditionally Japanese futon mattresses with Western style beds, regardless of a traveller’s nationality, they’ll be able to enjoy a lavish night’s sleep in whichever way they choose. Despite the simple layout, each individual room boasts a spacious interior, complete with a walk-in closet space and an openable desk-type drawer, giving it equal parts functionality and luxury. Additionally, the L-shaped sofas grant guests the chance to appreciate the atmosphere whilst putting their feet up after a long day of travelling.

However, if guests wish to upgrade to an even more exclusive experience, its hotel villas hold every luxury they could desire. Limited to only four specific rooms, Unzen Kyushu Hotel trades the view for absolute privacy, allowing guests to appreciate serenity on a more intrinsic level. As opposed to the simpler, yet effective, guest rooms, these villas deliver a high-quality space that utilises upgraded building materials in order to merge functionality and tranquillity into one brilliant blend.

 In addition, the villas possess a completely open-air bath terrace that overlooks the green garden, guaranteeing that guests feel that sense of privacy, whilst still being surrounded by Unzen’s native fauna. Available in two alternate types, one for couples and one for families of three or more, Unzen Kyushu Hotel’s villas provide a comfortable space for those who appreciate the sense of seclusion. Adding to this is its private dining room, which presents an air of exclusivity that’s simply unbeatable.

Of course, fine dining isn’t only limited to villa guests. Any staying in the lodging building are able to enjoy both dinner and breakfast in the main dining room, named 1917. After gaining its title from the year in which the hotel was founded, this space was completely reconstructed in 2000 based on photographs that were taken when the initial hotel opened its doors in 1917. It’s a dining room that transcends the simple purpose of offering people a place to eat – it’s rich with both history and culture, and will capture the awe of each diner.

That isn’t to say, however, that the food isn’t beyond sublime too. Through utilising locally sourced products, its team of expert chefs are able to comprise dishes that’ll be sure to whisk guests through a myriad of tantalising tastes. Whether your palette is suited to more Japanese styles, or is attuned to Western food, there are options for everyone to enjoy. The resort marries cultures perfectly, all to guarantee that each and every visitor can feel at home whilst being surrounded by scenic landscapes.

And, if guests are looking to complete their night with a view of the stars, Unzen Kyushu Hotel possesses a rooftop café bar to ease them into the end of the day. This café bar provides free drinks for all hotel guests, and boasts a relaxing space in which to spend your time, should you choose to. Additionally, Unzen Kyushu Hotel celebrates local artists through its craft displays, allowing visitors to witness the beauty that the area has to offer in both a natural and artful way.

With over 100 years of experience in serving only the very best to each and every guest, Unzen Kyushu Hotel has mastered the art of service. It closely adheres to a pamphlet from the Taisho era, which states, “Please think of the hotel as part of your home, and the staff as your close brothers”, and this is visible through the care and consideration that runs through the veins of this resort. Kindness comes naturally to the staff, so guests can be sure that they’ll be met with a smile and spectacular service throughout the course of their stay.

Unzen Kyushu Hotel truly is the only resort that’s managed to capture the innate beauty of its mountainous home. It appreciates and celebrates a multitude of cultures, all whilst presenting an authentic experience that’s simply unbeatable. Whether you’re looking to invest your time in scouring the local area, or are seeking a secluded spot to spend your time in, Unzen Kyushu Hotel has every means to craft a luxurious getaway unlike any other.

For business enquiries, contact Akinobu Shichijo from Unzen Kyushu Hotel on their website – http://kyushuhtl.co.jp/