Most Spectacular Art Hotels Around The World

We’re becoming ever more demanding of our holiday accommodation. These days it just isn’t enough to sleep in a comfy bed, wake up to fresh towels and eat toast cooked on a painfully slow-moving conveyor belt at the breakfast buffet. As well as all these things, we need aesthetics. We need style, design and colour. Instagram accounts like ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’ mean we’re searching more and more for photogenic beaches or pretty cities to explore (and share shamelessly). But why stop at a dreamy destination when your hotel itself can be a work of art?

Here are seven of the most spectacular art hotels in the world, to help you hand-pick the most eye-catching accommodation for your next adventure:

Bohem Art Hotel, Budapest
If a combination of grand history, beautiful architecture and hipster chic takes your fancy, then Budapest could be the city for you. With a mixture of trendy coffee joints, art museums and swinging bars to sample as the sun goes down, it’s no wonder Hungary’s capital is swiftly ascending the to-visit list of travellers worldwide. And for accommodation that truly encapsulates the city’s bohemian glamour, try the Bohem Art Hotel, listed by Expedia as one of the best art hotels in the world. Contemporary artworks adorn the walls, a collection of around 200 pieces in total and all by Hungarian artists, which gives this smart hotel a colourful twist. Guests are invited to experiment with their own creativity at classes and workshops.

Sankara, Nairobi
What about somewhere a little wild? Like Nairobi, whose national park is home to giraffes, lions, zebras and the endangered black rhino. Aside from the beautiful Kenyan flora and fauna Nairobi has to offer, there are eye-opening museums to explore, lip-smacking barbecued meat to feast on and atmospheric bars where you can sip a cocktail or two after a day exploring. Kenya has some truly impressive art galleries to check out, many of which can be found in its bustling capital, but if you want to wake up somewhere worthy of a James Muriuki photograph, book a room at the Sankara, which boasts best-of-taste furnishings and an ever-changing collection of contemporary Kenyan art for your viewing pleasure.

art’otel, Amsterdam
Back in Europe, no art-lover could skip Amsterdam on their quest for all things exquisite, abstract and ornamental. With the Rijksmuseum housing a magnificent collection of Western art spanning centuries, the Netherlands’ capital is a must-visit. It can also proudly call itself the one-time home of Post Impressionist icon Van Gogh. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for some of the city’s brilliantly unique street sculpture too. When it comes to booking your bed, the art’otel is a kaleidoscopic space with examples of art from some of the hottest emerging artists in all of Amsterdam. Each room is also decorated with an individual artwork meaning no two guests’ experiences will be quite the same.

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas
While there are slot machines ringing and fading stars singing everywhere you turn in this flashy Nevada city, look closer and you’ll find art-aplenty too. The city actually boasts a pretty excellent selection of art galleries and museums to add to an otherwise casino-heavy itinerary. And to ensure art is the order of the day even before breakfast, book yourself in at the shiny Cosmopolitan. With the bonkers, space-age spectacular Opium and a long list of indie headliners like Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, you’ll be set for art of the on-stage variety, and there’s also a constantly evolving selection of contemporary art at the guest’s disposal, with large-scale paintings, photography and sculpture to behold throughout the hotel.

Hotel Eclat, Beijing
Eccentricity doesn’t quite cover it, so to truly taste the pure imagination that’s gone into designing Beijing’s fabulous Hotel Eclat, you’re just going to have to visit. The hotel’s one hundred rooms are housed inside a super-sleek downtown shopping centre, and some of them have luxurious private pools and terraces to indulge your fanciest fantasy. With themes as diverse as Playboy and Harry Potter, the flamboyant rooms are packed with colourful art and there’s even a collection of sculptures by the revered surrealist Salvador Dali.

XVA Art Hotel, Dubai
The fourteen guestrooms at the XVA Art Hotel in Dubai are individually designed with style and taste in mind. With incredible art just waiting to be gazed at in a whole host of galleries, Dubai is any art-aficionado’s dream-come-true. From the modern Cuadro Fine Art Gallery to the Meem Gallery which shows off work by groundbreaking Middle Eastern painters and sculptors, there’s plenty to whet your artistic appetite here. As for the XVA Art Hotel, with its own gallery and shop, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to elegant gifts to bring home.

The Merrion, Dublin
If you’re looking to hang out somewhere grand, try The Merrion. With gorgeous period furniture, cascading curtains and sparkling chandeliers, this is just the place to relax after a hard day perusing Dublin’s many fine museums and galleries. With the National Gallery and Irish Museum of Modern Art within easy reach, you’ll be perfectly placed to soak up all the culture Ireland’s capital has to offer. The hotel’s triumphant collection of art showcases work by some of the country’s finest painters.