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There is one day in the year when we get to show our mothers how much we love and appreciate them – Mother’s Day. A nice day or night out, featuring indulgent food and drinks or a cosy homemade meal, is a great way to spend some quality time with them on 27th March.

If you want to add a personal touch to the event, show your mum how well you know her. Your mum’s star sign can tell you a lot about her parenting style. For bonus points, imbue your Mother’s Day food and drinks with that knowledge.

Fentimans, the home of botanically brewed beverages, has teamed up with London-based celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman to provide you with a very flavoursome Mother’s Day star sign meal guide.

“Each person’s astrology can go a long way towards explaining their qualities and their quirks. Likes and dislikes, musical tastes, and preferences for dining out, dining in, and family activities, are all determined by our Zodiac. Make sure you get stuff right!”, says Inbaal Honigman.


Aries: spice up the night

An Aries mum is your biggest cheerleader. She’s always there rooting for you during your school recitals, dance competitions, graduation, and job promotions. Possessing an innately caring and compassionate nature, matched with her inner burning fire, your Aries mum is super fun to be around. It’s likely that she’s the mum with crazy dance moves at parties, the one who always has a say at meetings, and the one everyone secretly envies you for.

But her fiery nature also means that you’ve probably had quite a lot of passionate fights, especially when her short temper met your teenage attitude back in the day. But, today, you’re two best friends who can have both a dance-off and a heated-up conversation.

On Mother’s Day, bring your mama diva out with something spicy and tasty! A spicy margherita will hit the right spot and will kick-start the night. The best food companion for a margherita is usually Latin cuisine, so cheesy enchiladas, chicken taquitos, or stuffed burritos will add some great flavour to your meal. You probably already know how you will finish off the night. Yes, you guessed it right, with cocktails and a trip to the dancefloor!


Taurus: a journey through tastes

Growing up with a Taurus mum, you’ve probably developed a rich value system, because Taurus’ kind-hearted nature is simply contagious. They’ve explained to you the order of the world and planted the seeds of kindness and compassion in you. Taurus mums are easy to talk to, they’re welcoming, and difficult to be angry at.

Not only that but they have a genuine love for food. This means that you were well looked after in terms of trying all sorts of homemade food and are still presented with a doggy bag after Sunday dinner at your mum’s.

This Mother’s Day, it’s time to return the flavoursome favour by taking your mum to an exquisite meal spot and satisfying her rich cravings for food and drink.

“A light and airy Gemini mum may not enjoy a substantial hearty dining experience – but a Taurus mum will,” says Imbaal Hinigman.

Start with a homemade watermelon or elderflower lemonade as these are true taste pleasers and will set the tone of the night just right. When it comes to food, have a heartwarming soup, such as potato and leek or broccoli and blue stilton, continue with beef stroganoff, and finish off your three-course meal with lemon sorbet or a crème caramel.


Gemini: cocktail-making night

If your mum is a Gemini, you’re probably best friends with her. Endless phone conversations, mother-and-daughter shopping sprees, and spontaneous luncheons are quite common for you. Gemini mums are very inquisitive, helpful, and solution-ready.

As you were growing up, your mum’s curious nature might have come across as overly nosy, and you might have felt like you were often being put on the spot. In reality, she just wants to be there for you and will never refuse a piece of juicy gossip.

For Mother’s Day, take her to a nicely decorated spot where you can enjoy a heartfelt conversation for hours and hours on end. You want the setting to be welcoming and pleasing for the eye, so that she feels cosy and appreciated. Because a Gemini mum loves to try new things and be entertained, a cocktail-making activity class, where she can try a variety of cocktail recipes, would be ideal for her. Also, go for a range of light bites, such as tapas, so that you always have something to nibble on while enjoying each other’s company.


Cancer: no place like home

A Cancer mum is the true embodiment of the mother figure: she’s incredibly caring and nurturing, looking after the whole family and the home space. Oftentimes, Cancer people are referred to as the “mothers” in the zodiac and are known for their emotional and compassionate nature.

Cancer mums like to be of help at all times, giving advice, and organising constructive family meetings. One thing you might have not understood as a child is your mother’s sensitivity and need to retreat into herself. As an adult, you know that this is just who she is.

“A night of cocktails out and about won’t suit an indoorsy Cancerian mum,” says Inbaal Hongiman. That’s why the best spot to surprise your mum for Mother’s Day is actually her home. Decorate the dining area, put up pictures of you and her, maybe even gift her a photo collage. This will accentuate the strong bond you two have and might even make her shed a tear or two.

Drinks-wise, start with something indulgent and heartwarming, such as a homemade chai latte, or an organic hot chocolate. For your meal, prepare something she would cook for you when you were a child. It doesn’t matter how good or bad a cook you are, what matters is that it’s made from the heart and brings back some cherished memories. Light up a candle, open a box of chocolates, and show your mum how much you love her.


Leo: the cosmo of your life

Growing up with a Leo mum means that you’ve probably had quite an unconventional childhood. Leo mums are known for their unique parenting style, which is imbued with a lot of fun, games, dances, and spontaneous trips. They don’t go by the books; they play on their intuition when it comes to raising a child and in just about every aspect of their lives.

The number one lesson a Leo mum could teach you is that you shouldn’t worry about what other people think, because you are amazing just the way you are. It’s a lesson we should all embrace!

On Mother’s Day, treat your Leo mama to a cosmopolitan cocktail. This will show her that just like the cosmos is the centre of everything, your mum holds the same significance. Treat her to a lavish meal, featuring seafood, such as oysters, lobster, or salmon. Finish off your meal with a glass of champagne and a spectacular dessert, such as a flambe cake that represents her inner fire and awesomeness.


Virgo: classy but nice

The traditional image of the strict mum is often found in the face of the Virgo mum. She likes to keep things in order, including you, insisting that you keep your room tidy and do your homework. A Virgo mum’s favourite phrase is “I told you so” because she ends up being right about pretty much everything.

Growing up, you might have rolled your eyes at her, but now you truly appreciate her persistence with you. All along, she was making sure you become a great person.

To thank her for her motherly diligence, open up a bottle of high-quality red wine. It represents your mum’s maturity, purity, and temperament. Red wine is classy and wholesome, just like your mum. Serve it alongside a neatly prepared cheese board or a classic ratatouille dish. She will absolutely love it!


Libra: Instagram-worthy night

Libra mums like to be perceived as the “cool” mum. They try to be not only your mum but also your best friend. It’s likely that they had a more laid-back parenting approach, and you could often get away with stuff other kids couldn’t.

Nevertheless, Libra mums might feel too overwhelmed as parents, meaning that sometimes their decisions might have felt inadequate. In fact, oftentimes, you probably felt that you were the parent of the two, and this could be true even now.

On 27th March, have a friendly and relaxing with your Libra mum. Libras love luxury and aesthetics, so take them to a really nice place, such as a cocktail bar with a botanical style. There, enjoy an indulgent strawberry daiquiri and take a few photos to post on Instagram and showcase your mother-daughter appreciation time. After that, go for a delicious dinner in an exclusive restaurant, where you can feel like superstars eating crab-stuffed shrimps and raspberry sorbet.


Scorpio: mysterious and passionate dinner

Scorpio mums are known for being mysterious, so you probably have a hard time understanding her and, unless you’re very close, you might not know her interests.

On the bright side, growing up she would have given you a lot of space, while constantly watching your back without you noticing. Scorpio mums have a very strong intuition and can see things for what they are behind their surface. That’s a trait they can teach you to embrace too.

Knowing that your mum is a mystery probably isn’t very helpful when it comes to throwing surprises for her. But there is one drink that Scorpios adore: a Bloody Mary. Combining vodka with tomato juice, this drink represents the fusion of intensity with ease that a Scorpio lady possesses. It will hit just the right spot, especially if paired with foods that play on the senses, such as spinach and goat cheese tartlets, poached shrimp, or bacon-butter radishes. Have all that at a dark and quiet restaurant that encapsulates Scorpio’s passionate and mysterious personality.


Sagittarius: off to the seashore

A Sagittarius mum is spontaneous, adventurous, and fun-loving. Always young at heart, she is like a child who is always on the lookout for the next activity or trip you two can take together.

Growing up with a Sagittarius mum, you were never bored and might have even felt too pressured to engage in activities. She has a very deep and philosophical personality, so small talk has never been on the cards. Now, you can be best friends with your Sag mum and do all things fun.

To satiate her thirst for adventure, organise a surprise day trip, where you can mix exciting activities and sightseeing with delicious meal-tasting. Your journey through food can start at a nice tearoom or a café, where you can enjoy mouth-watering cakes and exquisite tea blends. Sagittarius love doing things the fun way, so dessert first would definitely suit them. Why not have some local fish and chips for your main if you’re visiting the seaside and finish your trip at the ice cream parlour?


Capricorn: a wind-down surprise

Capricorn mums are the most loyal and supportive of all. Although they might not have the most outspoken personality and can come across as very strict at times, they always have and will have your back.

For Capricorn mums, discipline and success are key, meaning that they will ensure you put in the work to land a good job. You might have found this quite annoying growing up but you sure are grateful for it now.

Show your appreciation for your Capricorn mum by preparing her a homemade meal. She would love to see you put in the effort to surprise her for Mother’s Day. Welcome drinks are a must because the hard-working Saturn-ruled Capricorn mum will need something to help her wind down. A whiskey sour is ideal for her, complemented by a traditional dish such as a vegetable stew or a pasta Alfredo. For dessert, a chocolate souffle will go a long way!


Aquarius: a creative streak

Growing up with an Aquarius mum means that you were probably relaxed at all times. Inbaal Honigman shares that Aquarius mum are some of “the most chilled out mums”, alongside other air signs, such as Libra and Gemini. The genius of the zodiac, Aquarius people are known for being quite imaginative, rebellious, and non-traditional.

It’s likely that your mum encouraged you to follow your dreams, embrace your imagination, and showcase your uniqueness. She probably felt more like a fun friend than a parent, who, above all, instilled in you the importance of the community.

For Mother’s Day, tickle your mum’s imagination by taking her to a wine and drawing workshop, for example, or by organising a picnic in the park, where you get to paint, play games, and have philosophical or spiritual conversations. Make sure that there are non-traditional items on the menu, such as a green-tea latte and a vegan platter. If you’re making the food yourself, make sure it’s presented in an artistic way.


Pisces: a swim in delicate waters

As a parent, a Pisces mum trusts her instincts more than anything else. Her parenting approach is definitely off-the-books and is focused on listening to her children’s needs.

Her deeply sensitive and dreamy nature can make her seem absent-minded at times, and it’s likely that you were the more down-to-earth person of the two. Nevertheless, a Pisces mum would have encouraged your creative pursuits, which is vital for a child!

On Mother’s Day, surprise her with a delicate meal that is all about embracing the senses. A blue-lagoon cocktail is ideal for your Pisces mum: it represents her natural habitat, the water, it’s sweet and gentle like her, and also a little bit adventurous. Have a flavoursome meal, such as stuffed sweet potatoes, or roasted vegetables and guacamole, and finish off with a fruit salad.


We hope that this guide will help you have a magical Mother’s Day, and you can get to know each other in new unexplored ways. It all starts with showing you care.