Transderma Skincare

Not only is nature beautiful, it also yields the best and purest ingredients to provide excellent skincare solutions. This is the ethos adopted by Transderma, who have built upon more than three-decades of research to bring together the highest-quality, most precious ingredients in the creation of its line of excellent, scientifically advanced skincare serums suitable from men and women alike. We explore Transderma further to see how its serums aid in rejuvenation and nourishment, helping users keep their skin resilient and attractive.

Skin acts as a person’s first line of defence, and thus is subjected to a great deal of stress, brought on by environmental factors. In order to remain looking strong and healthy, it is vital that the skin receives nourishment which penetrates the deeper layers where moisture is balanced, and elasticity can be regulated. The mastermind behind these serums is Dr. Alvin Ronlán Docent, Ph.D, who has spent over 30 years conducting detailed research in the fields of natural anti-oxidants and vitamins, seeking out compounds than can help the skin maintain its vitality.

Dr. Ronlán has subsequently combined this expertise with the vision of Graziella Gallelli, an entrepreneur and skincare expert, and as part of this collaboration, Dr. Ronlán has developed five innovative new serums designed to replace other, more complicated and tiresome skincare programmes offered by competitors. The result, Transderma, offers products which contain no superfluous or synthetic compounds, instead comprising of a small range of carefully selected, all natural active ingredients which possess the power to boost cellular activity and ultimately transform the appearance of skin.

People’s skin can be regenerated, protected, and strengthened with the aid of the natural ingredients and vitamins found in Transderma’s serums, and the company is proud to declare its products are not tested on animals, and are suitable for all, regardless of ethnicity or skin type.

Skincare products have historically been used to achieve temporary fixes, mainly by keeping the surface of the skin moisturised. Today, longer lasting improvements and the preservation of a youthful appearance are high priorities for pharmaceutical companies.

Many of the vitamins we need to maintain healthy skin are found in our food, but the level of these that reach the skin is reduced as we age, down to a level that is below what is required to revitalise the cells, even in the case of a balanced diet with a rich intake of vitamins. Transderma has discovered that the targeted delivery of vitamins and antioxidants to skin cells, through a process of topical serum application, can boost the activity of skin cells to more youthful levels.

The company is also determined to explain why its products are serums and not creams. Due to the nature of the product, a moisturising cream’s main ingredient is water, which comprises approximately 60-90% of its substance. In order to stabilise the lipids which are the most important active components in the skin, emulsifiers must be added, as well as preservatives, used to prevent the growth of microbials like fungi and yeast.

These emulsifiers and preservatives, along with the water which makes up much of the product, are of zero value to the skin, and in many cases, even do more harm than good. Transderma’s serums are free from these emulsifiers and preservatives, and have a 100% active rating, so every ingredient is vital and providing benefit to the skin.

Dr. Ronlán is aware that the vitamins intrinsic in skincare products are sensitive substances and can lose their activity without the presence of preservatives. The system he has developed stabilises these vitamins in their natural form, which allows them to remain active without the need for any preservatives. Extensive research in his fields of expertise has also allowed Dr. Ronlán to develop several unique systems that allow for the deeper absorption of vitamins and other such actives into the skin.

As a result of these exclusive, patented innovations, Transderma skincare products can provide the skin with a supplemental dose of vitamins through a topical application regime. The products act as a booster for some of the skin’s essential renewal processes, and quickly give customers visible results in the form of firmer, more even skin, an improved lustre, and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

By creating skincare products that are scientifically advanced and yet simple to use, Transderma’s innovations provide a deliberately limited, yet focused range which offer men and women exceptionally pure serums which demonstrably benefit the skin, leaving customers satisfied, and looking and feeling better than ever.

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