2018 Pet Product & Services Awards Logo
With the Pet Product & Service Awards 2018, LUX Magazine looks to recognise those who have helped this industry see exponential growth in recent years. We will reward those individuals, organisations and enterprises who strive to produce the services and products which benefit the well-being and health of mankind’s best friends. From those offering pet-friendly environments and boarding services to the manufacturers and distributors of nutrition and care products, we will identify those who work tooth and claw to deliver the best care and services to our beloved animals. How we care, feed, and treat our pets is a reflection on society and the Pet Product & Service Awards looks to provide the accolades for those who allow us to care for our domestic animal population in a sustainable and humane fashion. To ensure that we consider the best that the industry has to offer, we need your input! Please fill out the voting form below to place a nomination for the company that you feel truly deserves to be recognised this year.