Notting Hill Houses

Lively, colourful and one of the most Instagramable locations of London, Notting Hill is the ideal location for your next relaxing staycation. With Covid-19 still dictating our lives, travelling abroad has only started to become an option with a large number of restrictions and safety procedures. So, most people are deciding to travel within the UK and explore places they probably never have before. This article will list all the places you need to visit in Notting Hill to gain the full experience.


Places to eat

The world-famous location boasts some of London’s most popular café’s serving the most delicious food in the area. If you are health conscious and prefer to keep your meals light and healthy but still full of flavour, then Farm Girl is your ideal spot. The Australian style café offers delicious brunch all day and is located on the most bustling street in Notting Hill, Portobello Road.

If eating healthy is not your priority when on holiday, then Mazi is your place to go! The Greek restaurant serves traditional recipes with a modern twist and is all about promoting the Greek culture through their delicious cuisine. You’ll find the stylish venue tucked behind the Notting Hill Gate station, which also makes it an easy place to get to if you plan on spending the day in a different area of London.   

The bars in Notting Hill are also an experience in themselves. The Ginstitute for example, is a cocktail bar where you not only create your own gin but are also given the unique opportunity of speaking to one of their qualified Gin Instructors. They will take you through the history of gin as well as the opportunity to taste different botanical ingredients in order to create your own concoction of delicious gin. The distillery does however require booking prior to visiting due to their popularity.  


Places to visit

Notting Hill’s most prominent characteristics are its eclectic and quirky antique markets which have stalls that sell everything from vintage jewellery and traditional souvenirs to mouth-watering confectionery and Chinese food. There are many markets on Portobello Road but can be over-crowded with tourists during the day, so the next best thing is Acklam Village. Just down the hill from Portobello Road, you’ll find this bustling village bursting with food stalls that have food from all over the world.

One of Notting Hill’s most prominent attractions is the famous blue door that we all love from the cult Rom-Com Notting Hill, as well as the colourful houses on ST Lukes Mews, which were featured in the festive classic, Love Actually. So, don’t forget to book your ‘Notting Hill Rom-Com Walking Tour’. (Yes, it’s an actual thing!)

Another attraction you’ll find on Portobello Road, is the Electric cinema, which is one of the oldest cinema theatres in the UK. The cinema first became open to audiences in 1909 and has since been restored in order to keep it running. The original architecture has however been preserved. The luxurious film-viewing experience allows you to sit comfortably on large sofas with a bar serving cocktails, champagne and beer. The theatre screens films ranging from art house classics to mainstream films, so there’s something for everyone.

Portobello Market

Places to stay

If your plan is to stay within the chaotic area but would like a hotel which is based in a quieter location, then the elegant Portobello Hotel is the one for you! The luxury hotel is designed beautifully for a comfortable and relaxing stay. The hotel is a close walk from the Notting Hill Gate underground station and is also at a walking distance from the popular attractions in the area.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative but one that doesn’t compromise on good service and is still close to Portobello Road, then Notting Hill by CAPITAL is an impressive option. This boutique hotel is only a 3-minute walk from the famous markets on Portobello Road and has spacious bedrooms which have been designed exclusively.


With the current travel restrictions, staycations have now become the next best thing. Small businesses and the hospitality industry have seen a surge in their services since the lockdown restrictions ended in July this year. There are many cities and towns in the UK that you can explore with your friends and family, with so much to do and see. We hope this blog has given you some fun ideas if you’re thinking about planning a staycation London in the upcoming festive season! 


By Akeela Zahair