Man Playing Guitar in Travel Van

When you go to listen to live bands, you see how well the music there is played; all you can do is expect to play as well as they are. That’s one of the reasons most people take up learning musical instruments. The popular ones you see are the ones you’d like to learn first. 

Learning any instrument isn’t an easy prospect as you need to put a lot into it. You will have to invest time and money at times to learn any popular instrument. But what are these popular instruments you may want to learn and are they easy to learn? 

Those are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before you engage in any learning. You may also want to find out if the popular instrument you want can be learned at any age. Below are some of the popular instruments that you may want to learn and play. 


Classic Guitar

Probably one of the most popular instruments you can find today has got to be the classical guitar. You can find this guitar almost anywhere, and it looks quite easy to learn. Most people who want to learn instruments, unless previously decided, go for this guitar. 

You can get around sixteen instruments with a guitar, but you only have six strings with this regular classical guitar. This makes it a lot easier for you to learn, and you can quickly master the different sounds each produces. It won’t take you loads of time to learn this instrument as it would others. 

Another good thing about learning the classical guitar is that it is a confidence booster. You can also develop social skills due to playing the guitar, and socialism can be with all age groups. You don’t even have to enroll yourself in any class to learn to play the guitar; this is something you can learn on your own. 



If there’s an instrument that is usually mistaken, it has got to be the keyboard. Most people refer to it as a piano – and as much as it is an electric piano, there are some distinctions. First thing, you can create almost any instrument sound with the keyboard. 

That means you don’t only get the piano sound when you play the keyboard; you have many other options. If you want to learn an instrument with less complex sound synthesis, this should be your go-to. You can also use it for changing performance.

Another difference between the keyboard and the piano is that the keyboard is quite portable – a piano isn’t. The sound you get from the keyboard is usually produced electronically; the piano’s sound isn’t. 

With the keyboard, it is perfect for any beginner, and also, if you are a non-professional, it is a great choice. This is one of the instruments you can quickly learn – and can also be taught to kids of all ages. For kids, it is the perfect instrument to learn. 

Some of the benefits you can get when you learn the keyboard include developing concentration, enhancing fine motor skills, and improving your memory. Like most instruments, you will also be more relatable and social when you learn the keyboard. 


Drum set

One of the oldest instruments that you can find today has got to be the drums. These are quite the percussion instruments that you can seek to learn also. Drums come in different shapes and sizes, each one being a little bit distinct from the other. 

When you play the drum, you need to hit it with various items known as beaters. At times, there are some drums that you can beat with your hands. Some drums are tunable, and others aren’t; they are played just the way they are. 

The sound produced by the drums comes from the vibration of the drums’ membrane–this is known as the head. Both ends of the hollow body cover the head – that hollow body is known as the shell. You will need to master these parts if you are to know anything about the drum. 

When you play the drum, you will master one of the complex tasks in instruments as there are several moving parts. Some of the benefits you get when playing the drum include challenging you to break complex tasks into manageable tasks. You do a lot with the drum if it’s to get the right voice out.

Drumming is also interactive and can help you relieve disappointments and stress. The drum is all about coordination and timing. You will need to be alert at all times and present if you are to master the drum well enough. 



When you are searching for a sophisticated instrument, the piano beats the lot. With the piano, you will be learning an instrument that offers you escape, is fun, gives a creative expression, and is something you can enjoy; this is it. You need to master some of the parts of the piano before you get down to playing. 

For example, the modern-day piano has 52 white keys and 36 black ones – you will need to master a total of 88 keys. The history of the piano is a peculiar one; most historians would have it that the piano was invented in the 1700s. There’s no particular date to it, though – so it has been around for a while. 

You learn gradually; you can’t wake up one day and learn the piano. You may also need to get into a piano learning for beginners class to get started on the piano. The good thing is that you can find some of those courses online. 

You will need to practice a lot to get the rhythm right and for weeks or months. You will almost like performing physical exercises when learning the piano, so you need to be prepared for it. Other advantages include enhancing motor skills and improving emotional expressions. 

You may be required to get a piano of your own if you are to learn the piano. This is an instrument of constant practice, and you will need to have one if you are to practice the piano daily. This could be a huge undertaking; you can also enroll in a studio to pay a daily or monthly fee. 



Another popular instrument you may want to learn is the flute. This is one of the instruments that will have you fooled at first sight. As small as it is, you will generally assume that you can easily hop on and play it. 

The sound the flute produces comes from the opening on the body of the flute. When you want to change the sound and the pitch, all you need to do is close one of the holes or various ones. You can’t learn this as quickly as you’d assume; it will take you some time to master the flute. 

Professional flutes are usually made from wood or plastic – and this is because pros can easily handle them. Beginner flutes are made of silver-plated brass; others are made from nickel. And the beginner flutes produce a brighter sound than the wooden ones. 

When you are a beginner, you will need that clear sound to figure out places you are going wrong. The wooden flutes produce a dark sound. That’s why they are pretty popular with the more seasoned flute players. 



It pretty much looks like a guitar, and if there were instrument families, the cello would fall into the guitar family. But there are some major differences between the guitar and the cello. One of them has got to be there’s a bow involved in the playing of the cello. 

When you want to learn the cello, you need to put in the time; this isn’t something you can quickly learn. The good thing about the cello is that it produces all the strings in an orchestra. You can quickly fail to recognize the instrument at certain parts due to the sound being easily transformed. 

It isn’t hard to learn the cello once you have the passion and the time to put it in. The instrument requires focus and practice, sometimes even daily practice to master. You will also need to get a good teacher if you are to learn the cello. 

This isn’t something that you can learn on your own, in your free time. It would help if you got lessons from someone who will guide you well enough. If you know and have experience reading musical notes, it will be much easier to master the cello. 



Today, learning an instrument can be one of the best ideas to enhance your social skills. And you need to find one that you are fully interested in if you are to grasp it easily. Above are some of the top and popular instruments that you may want to learn and play to give you gratification and ease your stress or tension. They are pretty easy to understand, and some you can even teach yourself.