Data shows that Brits spend over £22,500 on their wedding, on average. From everything from the venue to beauty treatments, getting the most out of your money and easing some of the preparation stress means knowing when to plan everything.

Sarah Bryning, wedding coordinator at Lake District Country Hotels, a wedding venue in Windermere, says: “You deserve to look and feel your best on the big day. The stress of planning everything is enough to make anyone sweat, but making sure you’re planning your beauty treatments in the right order is essential for making sure everything is done smoothly, so you can enjoy your big day without worrying about a faded tan or suffering from a bad hair day.”

Teeth Whitening

Want to feel confident in your smile with every photograph? If you’re looking to have pearly whites for your wedding day, then you might consider getting your teeth whitened professionally. You should book an appointment three months in advance as teeth whitening can take multiple appointments. Doing it in advance means you can avoid the dreaded teeth sensitivity too.

Teeth whitening can last anywhere between a few months and three years. If you want an additional brighten before the big day, you can apply an at-home whitening strip. Try to avoid food and drink that can dye your teeth such as red wine and coffee.

Botox and lip fillers

If you’re considering having some Botox before the big day, make sure to speak to a trusted specialist in advance. You will want your appointment to be two months before your wedding. This gives the Botox enough time to work, as it can take you a few weeks to notice a difference. Botox can last between three and four months.

Having your Botox treatment with enough time can mean that you don’t have to worry about bad reactions ruining your big day. Lip fillers usually last between six and eighteen months – if you’re planning to have these closer to your wedding day, two months beforehand can give you enough time to feel comfortable and reduce any swelling.

Making sure you’re booking in advance means you don’t miss out.

Hair colour

Whether you’re going for a bold colour or something a bit more natural, having your hair professionally dyed before your wedding day can make you feel as confident as you look. A professional hair dye can last anywhere from six to twelve weeks, so make sure you’re booking your appointment with a trusted hairdresser two months in advance for the brightest hair.

However, you should be planning your hair colour up to a year in advance. If you’re unsure what colour you want, this can give you the chance to try out a few different colours in advance.


Another treatment you will want to plan in advance is your eyebrows. Depending on what you want done, you will want to plan this three weeks ahead of your wedding. A professional eyebrow threading can last between two and five weeks, waxing lasts three to six weeks, and a professional eyebrow tint usually lasts between four to six weeks.

Getting an appointment a couple of weeks before your wedding can prevent bumps, burns, or other problems from ruining your day. To maintain your eyebrows, try plucking the odd hair a few days before.


While you should be deciding on a colour which complements your colour theme, outfits, and even hair well in advance, you won’t want to get your nails done too soon. Not only is there a risk of chipping and breaking, but professional nails need filling in every two to three weeks.

You should get your nails done a month in advance, to make sure you like the shape and colour you’ve decided on, with a reserve booking to fill in the growth one to two weeks before your wedding.

Hair cut

A haircut can make you feel fresh for your big day. Scheduling your appointment early can ensure you don’t miss out, especially during busy times of the year. Try booking yourself in for a haircut two weeks before your wedding.

By choosing to have your hair cut closer to your wedding, you can add colour brightening and hair treatments into the mix, so you’re your most confident self. Make sure you’re planning what you would like done with your hair well in advance, however. If you have a trusted hairdresser, discuss options for your hair during your dying session.


You don’t want to be worrying about your body hair during your wedding ceremony, reception, or even the wedding night. If you’re planning to get a wax, make sure you’re booking it two weeks before your wedding. A professional wax should last between three to four weeks, depending on your hair.

Two weeks beforehand means that you don’t have to worry about stubble coming back through yet while giving your skin some time to calm down after.

Facials and a massage

Feeling and looking your best means giving yourself a bit of a pamper and treating yourself in the run-up to your wedding. It can be a stressful time, so having a massage and a facial can help you unwind in the run-up to the big day.

If you’re booking a facial, try to book it one to two weeks before your big day. Make sure you’re having a gentle facial which uses products that your skin knows to avoid breakouts.


It is the week of your wedding and everything is becoming a bit more fast-paced. It is time for the finishing touches. One final beauty treatment is making sure your tan is right. If you know the colour you’re going for, and you have a trusted application process, try tanning the week of your wedding. A spray tan can last up to a week.

If you’re unsure what colour or method you want to go for, making sure you’re planning a year in advance can give you time to practice your technique, try different tones, or find a professional to help.


Add to the stress relief with a last-minute pedicure during the week of your wedding. A professional pedicure can last a week or two, so leaving this treatment close to the big day can mean you’re looking and feeling your best. Take your loved ones with you to make a day of it.

And why not top up your nails with a manicure while you’re there, if you’ve got the budget and time to spare? This extra touch up can save your nails from chips or breakage that might’ve occurred in the last week.

Feeling your best on your wedding day means feeling confident. By planning your beauty treatments in advance, you can ensure you’re not missing out on what you need to make you feel amazing during the big day.