Set on the slopes of an exquisite peninsula, whose sunbaked edges are dotted with curved white stone suites, and where time hits diff­erently, Santa Marina is something of a Greek legend. All is sumptuously choreographed around Cycladic rhythms, Mykonos’ only private beach and the inescapable mass of the twinkling blue sea. And somewhere, between the sunken infinity pool cabanas, the Buddha-Bar Beach well-dressed crowd and the Greek delights of Elais restaurant, with the backdrop of blue horizons, lies the comforting realization that here, good taste (the elegantly understated sort) endures.

What sets this lavishly restrained hotel apart from those in the upper echelons of Greece’s luxury boutique scene is a profound sense of place and a family story that unravels in step with that of the island itself. Europe’s beau monde have gathered here for over 40 years, lured in by the ethereal beauty of Santa Marina’s peninsula and its exclusivity, the smooth-as-butter service and memorable gatherings on the beach. A sense of belonging is undeniable. As the seasons shift, so does Santa Marina’s off­ering to suit various tribes of traveler, where good food, wine and conversation take precedence. And while a luxurious base for exploring the island’s picturesque town, golden sands and world-class beach clubs – or for venturing further afield to the surrounding ancient island of Delos and exploring the turquoise coves of uninhabited Rhenia – guests would be forgiven for never leaving Santa Marina’s gates. Here they fully switch o­, unwinding at the hotel’s Ginkgo Spa with 111SKIN and ESPA treatments, or with a book under the turmeric parasols lining the beach, or while watching the sunset hues of the sky melting into the horizon – drink in hand – at the Oasis Pool.

The resort is the perfect expression of easy-going luxury, where discreet staff­ eff­ortlessly recall coff­ee orders and sunbed preferences, and muted hues (reflecting the island’s rocky edges) lower shoulders several inches. But uniquely for this Mykonos hotel, and perhaps surprisingly for those who have fallen for its blend of heritage and modern luxury, is the presence of a magnetism, one the island is known for and is, above all else, what guests return for year after year.

Rooms & Villas

With their privileged perch right on the edge of the peninsula, most of the 105 elegant rooms and 12 villas frame idyllic views of the sea and surrounding islands. Rooms and Suites are staggered at various levels along the hillside, like a Greek island village. The earthly hues of the interiors serve as the ultimate canvas for the piercing blue water enveloping the resort. Private villas with pool, off­er the best of both worlds for guests and loyalists return to their preferred villa year after year for the indoor, outdoor lifestyle, heart-thumping Mediterranean views and that coveted blend of hotel service and facilities with the privacy of a villa stay. The newly reimagined Mykonian Windmill is part of the special heritage of Santa Marina for guests to stay in and features three floors of smooth stone, dressed in pared down earthy fabrics, all softly lit in the evenings by lanterns and uplighting on its coned ceiling.

Food & Drink

Elais Greek Mediterranean Restaurant is a name inspired by legends; she was the princess of Delos, granddaughter of Apollo, the God of all Light for Greece of Ancient times. She had a magical ability to make olive trees grow, blossom and bear fruit at will. A flavorful story with its vibrant, authentically Greek menu, wine list of local and international terroir, Elais restaurant embodies the laid back, Mediterranean spirit – just with standards as high as its elevated seaside spot.

Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos is a restaurant, bar and beach club that lives up to its hype, in its own right. The formula is irresistible: Asian fusion plates with a Greek twist, beautifully crafted cocktails, DJ music and those wide and wondrous sea views. A chic crowd flock here, not just for the culinary experience, views of the glittering bay and world-class music, but for the special energy that lasts through the night. Oasis Pool and Lounge is one of the most sublime settings in Mykonos, the view alone will take your breath away. Featuring four striking cabanas positioned as though floating on the expansive seawater infinity pool, guests enjoy casual light cuisine and bespoke cocktails while they soak up the sun or relax in the shade.

Santa Marina Beach Bar & Lounge invites guests to go at their own pace: cool drinks and a mix of Greek and Buddha Bar dishes on hand, while guests relax in a plump sunchairs on the sandy shores of the Aegean Sea. More than just a beach bar, Santa Marina is a meeting place of the well-travelled from around the globe.

Private dining – Santa Marina is all ears for bespoke arrangements, whether that be intimate dinners in special locations or al fresco family feasts at one of its villas. 24-hour in-room dining is also available.

Mind & Body

Among a raft of elements that places Santa Marina in an island league of its own is its spa. The impressive, contemporary-styled Ginkgo Spa is underpinned by the Greek Harmonia ethos – achieving a sense of balance in both mind and body. Treatments are exclusively devised by ESPA and 111SKIN – long established, pioneering skincare brands with a results-led focus on harnessing both science and natural ingredients. Ginkgo Spa also o­ffers the island’s only traditional foam cleansing Hammam experience with iridescent turquoise mosaics lining the floor and incense filling the air.

Explore The Destination

Beyond the many wonders of Mykonos, guests can hire boats from Santa Marina to explore the turquoise coves of the surrounding islands such as Delos and Rhenia. Set at the heart of the Cyclades Islands, Delos is known as one of the most important mythological, historical, and spiritually energetic sites in Greece and has played an important role in Greek history for the past 2000 years. To this day, visitors can take a step back in time to explore its ancient town houses, mosaics, traditional markets, theatres, museum and aqueducts.

Weddings & Parties

Santa Marina is an idyllic, sun-kissed destination for weddings, whether that be for exchanging vows along the golden sands of the hotel’s private beach, or in the traditional (and impossibly charming) whitewashed Santa Marina chapel. An experienced team of wedding planners can help couples bring their bespoke vision to life, from lavish banquets at any of the restaurant or pool areas, to elegant receptions in the hotel’s secluded hillside gardens.


Santa Marina is tightly woven into the story of today’s Mykonos, pioneering five-star experiences on the island and setting the standard for over forty years. It’s also a family story that began in 1979, when Elias Papageorgiou purchased a then non-descript patch of the island featuring a simple house, chapel and windmill. His charisma, vision and the exquisite setting soon lured in a well-heeled European crowd, allowing the hotel to organically grow and consolidate itself as a Mykonian classic. Elias’ legacy and the hotel’s own cult status has been honored by his daughter, Christiana, who took over in 2012, bringing her love for this Cycladic island to the design and hospitality of Santa Marina. A tasteful, top-to-toe renovation has elevated the hotel into a league of its own, confidently leading the island’s five-star game and now widely regarded as one of the world’s top boutique hotels.

Christiana, Owner of Santa Marina

“Santa Marina will never stop being a story, an adventure and an experience, with the love to reinvent a place that people honor with their time and energy.”