Man in Suit

There’s always been a clear distinction between women’s and men’s fashion. Yet in recent times the practice of wearing suits and tailored clothing has taken a new and exciting direction.

Androgynous suit styling challenges traditional gender norms. It’s a space where gender lines are blurred, and where fashion embraces a combination of both masculine and feminine elements.

In essence, androgynous suit fashion is a modern twist on men’s formal suits and styling. It’s a gender-neutral look that empowers people to express themselves with the clothes they wear and allows them to break free from traditional fashion themes.

Androgynous suit styling is a fashion movement in itself. It champions diversity, inclusivity, personal expression, and acknowledges everyone’s right to wear what they want without prejudice or judgment. It’s a profound shift towards a world where individuality replaces tradition, and where the breaking down of barriers is rightly celebrated.

Androgynous suit styling has become part of everyday fashion. Celebrities including Harry Styles and Cara Delevigne are often seen rocking the gender-neutral look. Way before them, David Bowie, Prince, and Grace Jones were doing similar things and expressing their personality through the clothes they wore and their eye-catching appearance.

So how do you achieve an androgynous style, and what clothes should you pick? Here are some helpful tips to get you started on the journey to gender-free suit fashion.


Embrace Versatile Suit Cuts and Fabrics

Selecting the right suit cut and fabric is essential to creating a sleek and sophisticated androgynous look. Choose versatile cuts that embrace all body types such as the single-breasted suit or blazer combined with complimentary dress shirts, polos, or vests. Well-tailored clothing that fits a person’s body shape is vital when creating a successful androgynous look.


Go for Gender-Neutral Colours

The colour of a suit plays an important role in gender-free styling. Neutral colours work best in that respect, so opt for black, navy, grey, white, or beige as they are not strongly associated with a specific gender. Not only that but these colours can be easily dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories to make them suitable for any occasion.


Add Subtle Touches of Androgynous Flair

Once you’ve established the foundation of your suit, there’s a variety of subtle touches that can elevate your look to the next level. Consider pairing your suit with a masculine-inspired tie or bowtie. Alternatively, opt for a more feminine blouse or top underneath your jacket, think bold prints, frills and delicate buttons to playfully combine feminine and masculine traditional clothing.


Choose Gender-fluid Accessories

Accessories provide the finishing touches to all types of fashion including androgynous suit styling. There’s an abundance of minimalist and unisex accessories to choose from such as belts, watches, scarves, and cufflinks. Adding pocket squares and statement jewellery like bold necklaces and earrings will provide a touch of sophistication and personality to your appearance.


Mix Up Different Styles

To achieve an androgynous look, you should attempt to combine both masculine and feminine elements in the outfit you wear. For instance, pairing a well-fitted suit jacket with a skirt or dress will help make a powerful statement. Similarly, a lace blouse underneath a suit jacket or smart blazer is another combination that works extremely well when creating a gender-neutral look.


Select Gender-Free Footwear

No suit styling is complete without the right footwear. Your shoes or boots should complement your suit in every way, and they are also a powerful tool when creating an androgynous look. Classic Oxford brogues and loafers work extremely well, while unisex trainers give off a smart/casual vibe and are another popular choice.


Bring Out Your Identity

Perhaps the most important element of androgynous suit styling is that it promotes creative expression and allows you to tailor your look to reflect your unique identity. It’s a look that cries out for expressionism and experimentation, so don’t be afraid to try different combinations and mix-and-match styles until you land on something that feels unique and special to you.



Androgynous suit styling challenges our conventional views of gender and clothing. It gives individuals free rein to express themselves in the clothes they wear and the combinations they choose. It is a strong statement of disregard for gender norms or stereotypes and helps break down barriers by promoting self-expression through suit fashion. The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your fashion choices and wear what makes you feel great in your body.