Mojito in the foreground, with palm trees and a beach on a sunny day in the background

The sun is shining and summer is fast approaching. So what is the first thing you think of when summer jumps into action? If the answer is a refreshing slush cocktail, then you’ve come to the right place.

SnowShock, a leading provider of slush syrups, comments: “In our most humble opinion, slushies are one of the best ways to celebrate the start of summer. Not only are they delicious, but they can also mix with other tasty drinks to create something wholly unique.

Slush syrups can come in a range of exciting flavours, from mango to bubblegum and classic cola. To mix a refreshing cocktail, there is even a line of vegan mocktail syrups. Simply mix or blend with ice and alcohol to create a refreshing drink of your choice. A frozen margarita sounds like a dream, don’t you think?”

Here, we will dive into the ten best slush cocktail recipes for you to try. To decide which drinks you will enjoy the most, we have created an index of the most popular cocktails in the UK based on the average monthly search volume. Do you think your favourite drink will feature in our list?


1. Strawberry Daiquiri

Average monthly searches: 49,500

Strawberry Daquiris – tall, pink, and topped with refreshing fruit – are one of the most aesthetic cocktails. Typically, this drink is made with 35ml white rum, 25ml lime, a dash of strawberry liquor, and 4 fresh strawberries. We recommend blending these ingredients with strawberry slush syrup and ice. This will look amazing in a martini glass, don’t you think?


2. Long Island Iced Tea

Average monthly searches: 49,500

Long Island Iced Tea packs a powerful punch. This drink is full of delicious flavour, combining five spirits: 15ml vodka, 15ml gin, 15ml tequila, 15ml triple sec, and 15ml rum. To make a frozen Long Island Iced Tea, add classic cola slush syrup, ice, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Our mouths are watering at the thought!


3. Old Fashioned

Average monthly searches: 60,500

Whiskey – you either love it or you hate it. This spirit might be an acquired taste, but as part of this drink, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an Old Fashioned slushie. The recipe is similar to the original. First, you will need 50ml Bourbon and 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Instead of using sugar, blend your ingredients with ice and add a serving of orange slush syrup. Trust us, the orange brings out the smooth whiskey flavours!


4. Margarita

Average monthly searches: 60,500

Next on our list is the Margarita. Short and strong, it’s no surprise that this drink is one of the most searched for cocktails in the UK. Start with 50ml tequila and 25ml triple sec. Some people like it salty, but if you have a sweet tooth, blend with Margarita slush mix (this is packed with limey flavour) and a scoop of ice.


5. Negroni

Average monthly searches: 74,000

Simple cocktails are often the best. A Negroni, for example, is made of three ingredients: 25ml gin, 25ml sweet vermouth, and 25ml Campari. Just like an Old Fashioned, the citrus twist is in the orange garnish. Blend these liquids with ice and a dash of orange slush syrup, and you will have an icy twist on one of the most sublime cocktails there is. Will you be experimenting with a Negroni slush this year?


6. Piña Colada

Average monthly searches: 74,000

The Piña Colada has taken a beach break to appear on our list. This creamy cocktail will transport you to a tropical paradise after one sip. To go one step further and create your own slush, blend all of the classic ingredients (60ml white rum, 60ml coconut cream, and 60ml pineapple juice) with some ice and a dash of exotic fruit slush syrup.


7. Aperol Spritz

Average monthly searches: 90,500

If you prefer your cocktails filled with fizz, we have the perfect option for you. An Aperol Spritz, the ideal drink on a sunny day, is bubbling with personality. Pour 80ml Prosecco, 80ml Aperol, 10ml soda water, and a serving of orange slush syrup on ice and blend until smooth. And don’t worry – it won’t fizz all over the place!


8. Mojito

Average monthly searches: 90,500

Mojitos are perfect for people looking for a minty-fresh and light-bodied drink. So why not make it into a slush? A Mojito slush is probably the easiest on our list. All you need is 60ml white rum, a slash of mojito slush syrup, and ice. If you want to, you can top with some soda water. The syrup is packed with all the zingy lime and fresh mint you need, so there’s no need for wilted leaves in your fridge!


9. Espresso Martini

Average monthly searches: 110,000

Espresso Martinis are always a crowd-pleaser. Whether you like your cocktails caffeinated or not, a coffee-favourited drink is definitely one to beat. To make a slush, combine the usual ingredients (100ml vodka, 50ml coffee liquor, 50ml fresh espresso) with a splash of plain slush syrup and lots of ice. Even better, top your Espresso Martini slush with chocolate coffee beans.


10. Pornstar Martini

Average monthly searches: 165,500

Last and certainly not least, Pornstar Martinis take the cake. This fruity beverage is the most-searched-for cocktail in the UK, so why not reimagine the classic recipe? Stay true to your heart and include 60ml vanilla vodka, 30ml Passoa, and 2 ripe passion fruits. Mix this with ice and exotic fruits slush syrup, and remember to serve with a shot of Prosecco, of course.


There you have it – the most-searched-for cocktails and their slush editions. Really, the opportunities for slush cocktails are endless, but these are the best syrup pairings to go with the above. Do you agree with the cocktails that have made the list? And will you be blending up a tropical storm this year?