Put simply, The Book of Everyone helps people to easily create gifts that carry true emotional value. In the internet age ‘personalised’ products are everywhere and easy to find but personalised does not necessarily mean personal. The Book of Everyone enables anyone to create unique gifts for unique people, designed to show how well they know them. 

Founded by Jonny, Jason and Steve, three fathers with backgrounds as creative directors, it all began with a birthday present and some newspapers. When his son Saul was born Steve had a plan. He went straight out and bought copies of the day’s papers. He’s going to give them to Saul when he turns 21 as a little window on the world he was born into.

This got Jonny, Jason and Steve thinking. In a time when celebrities are famous just for being famous and when every single thing is a photo-filtered, hashtagged demonstration of ‘Brand Me’ how do we celebrate the moments and memories that really count? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to create someone special a keepsake as unique as they are 

So they set to work on building a terribly clever, brilliantly simple to use personalisation platform that means you don’t have to be a computer whiz or artistic genius to create something amazing. All you need to provide is some information on and anecdotes about who you’re creating the book for and The Book of Everyone’s team of super talented developers, artists and writers will create a book stuffed full of curiosities, fascinating facts and delightful design.

So far, The Book of Everyone has helped celebrate amazing people with 400,000 personalised books in 175 countries and created 150,000 design and copy assets to help people make books that are both beautiful and fascinating. The Book of Everyone has built an excellent relationship with its customers – the current Trustpilot rating is 9.6 out of 10: 

“This is one of the best-personalized book experiences. Family and friends I have purchased this for, are absolutely touched by a book that is personalized and customized especially for them. They love it and can’t stop talking about it and can’t wait to show everyone. Always a big hit and something they can treasure forever. I’m so happy I came across this hidden gem!”

Maria, Trustpilot review, 2018

 To create your wonderfully curious personalised book visit: https://thebookofeveryone.com/uk