Pearl choker under water on the beach

So you’re headed off on a glamorous vacation this summer and want to make sure your jewellery is up to date with the latest trends? Never fear, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a roundup of the hottest jewellery trends for summer 2022, so you can hit the beach, pool, or new city looking chic as ever.

In 2022, the newest spring/summer jewellery trends are bound to make you feel like a total fashionista. These pieces will capture your heart and be passed on for generations! Whether traditional or trendy tastes suit you best; there’s something here that’ll leave BFF status in their wake (and it runs from delicate earrings all of the way up). Keep reading if this sounds good but don’t forget about these amazing finds before they sell out – because let’s face facts: time is now!


Beach vacation

For beach vacation in summer 2022, you would need to look only at solid gold jewellery to make sure that your favourite piece is not damaged by the water, sun, or sand. Better to aim at 9k to 18k white or yellow gold. This way you can be completely sure in your pick. It will stay as it is for the whole vacation.

The ultimate trend this year is natural pearls, which can be in all shapes and sizes. Check out this natural pearl choker necklace. We bet you would not agree to take it off during the whole vacation. It goes perfectly with any type and colour of swimwear and nightgown. It adds that little mermaid touch to your look, that is perfect for the beach.


City vacation

For a vacation to the city, you would need to take care of anything. Using your favourite pieces is always a good idea. Here you can also add up more playfulness by mixing different metals, adding more pearls, and stacking rings or bracelets. Mix up to three chains in gradual lengths with one longer necklace that can be worn for casual days city exploring tours, restaurants, or museums. Layer these pieces carefully so you get a refined look without going too flashy! Wear them together as often as possible- especially if your outfit includes button-ups, V necklines, and boyfriends shirts!

Rainbow rings and earrings have been a popular way to add some extra flair into an outfit for years. They’re not just about showing off the colours, but you can take this jewellery staple in so many different ways with monochrome or colourful looks! Do try on those fun combinations when wearing them – it’ll make your friends say “Omgoodness” aloud before they realize what happened because of how attentive their eyes were focused solely on YOU!

Whether you’re hitting the beach or the city this summer, we’ve got the perfect jewellery trends to help you look your best. From freshwater pearls and solid gold jewellery to rainbow rings and earrings, these pieces will have you looking stylish and feeling confident wherever your vacation takes you. So go ahead – stack on the necklaces, pile on the bracelets, and enjoy your well-deserved time off!