The Luxury Heirloom Wedding Box

There are so many wedding traditions you can consider once you get engaged. You might send news of your engagement through postcards or host a bridal shower. While you look into things you’d like to include in your wedding, consider a luxury heirloom wedding box.

A wedding box can be a gift opened on your wedding day or your first anniversary. When your loved ones give you a luxury heirloom wedding box, it makes the event even more special. Check out more about this beloved tradition to see if it’s something you’d enjoy.


What Is a Luxury Heirloom Wedding Box?

Wedding boxes have been an essential part of marriage ceremonies for centuries. Back in the Victorian era, brides filled their boxes with supplies they’d need to start their married life. People would have given them clothes for the honeymoon or household goods like dishes and towels.

Now, people use wedding boxes as a way to pass down heirlooms. You might already have plans to incorporate them into your wedding, but opening them after you get home gives you something extra to look forward to. The gifts hidden inside are visual reminders of how much your loved ones treasure you as you carry your family’s legacy into your marriage.

What Should Go in It?

Once you’ve picked out a handmade box from an artist or asked a skilled family member to make one, what should go in it? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Pictures of Loved Ones

Old pictures of loved ones from previous generations can be the perfect heirloom for your wedding box. Frame them after you and your spouse get back home and hang them around the house so you always feel surrounded by family.

Jewelry From Ancestors

Jewelry is the perfect addition to any heirloom wedding box. The family connection makes it a thoughtful reminder of who you came from. It can also add value to your luxury heirloom wedding box, but only if your loved ones figure out the jewelry’s worth before storing it away.

A Few Collectibles

Many families collect coins. If they’re one-of-a-kind or represent a religious figure, they can be something you hold onto well after celebrating decades of your happy marriage. You can even pass them on to your children.

Letters of Wisdom

Wisdom is another heirloom your family can give. Ask them to write pieces of advice they received before their wedding. Maybe they can include letters they kept from their family members. If you hold onto these notes, they’ll become first-generation heirlooms that capture the heart and handwriting of your closest relatives.

Old Household Objects

Heirloom boxes originally included housewarming gifts. Your family members might pass down a teapot from your grandmother or a collection of handwritten recipe cards. A few antiques might add a little luxury by being worth a substantial sum because of their age or materials.

Talk With Your Loved Ones

Luxury heirloom wedding boxes aren’t as commonly known as other wedding traditions. Talk with your loved ones to let them know if you’d like one as a gift. With a little time and thought, they’ll fill your box with plenty of meaningful items that will make your house a home.