We were unable to go on holiday in 2020 and partly in 2021 due to all the corona measures. Holidays were canceled and airports were empty. But the corona measures have been relaxed in most countries now and tourists are more than welcome in most countries! But we can also travel in our own country again!


Risk of injury on holiday

Holidays are of course especially fun, relax for a while and get away from the daily problems and stress. But there are also dangers on vacation. Of course, the coronavirus remains a danger that will continue to exist for the foreseeable future. Despite the fact that more and more people are vaccinated. But there are more dangers! You can also be injured by an accident while on holiday. In this contribution you will read what these dangers entail and how you can protect yourself against them so that you do not suffer damage as a result of an accident.


Injury caused by an accident while on vacation

Thousands of accidents happen every year on holiday. This could be a traffic accident, for example on the way or because you were hit by a cyclist while on holiday (Dutch: fietser aangereden). But it is also possible that you fall on vacation or are attacked by a dog and are injured by a dog bite.

An accident is of course a major downfall on your holiday. Especially if you end up in hospital or even have to cut short the trip. But even more annoying is that you could be injured as a result of the accident. This can be a temporary injury, but also serious physical injury with permanent injuries. The question then is: who is liable for this damage and who pays all costs and damage?


Importance of a travel insurance

The most important tip that can be given when you go on holiday is that you take out a travel insurance! It covers more than you think! Many people think that travel insurance is mainly for material damage, such as stolen sunglasses. But travel insurance is especially important if you have an accident abroad!

If you end up in hospital abroad as a result of a traffic accident or a dog bite (in Dutch: hondenbeet), you are not automatically insured under your health insurance. There are even countries where health insurance does not pay out at all if you have an accident with injury abroad.

As a rule, travel insurance covers hospital costs incurred on holiday abroad. It is very important that you check this carefully before going on holiday. You may be faced with high hospital costs.

Hospital bills abroad can easily add up to thousands of Euros or Dollars. We therefore advise you to always take out travel insurance, even for a short holiday!


An accident abroad, how do I recover my personal injury?

Travel insurance usually does not cover personal injury that you incur as a result of an accident. You will often receive nothing or a minor compensation, depending on the percentage of permanent disability. You will therefore have to be compensated for the personal injury in a different way.

If someone else is to blame for the accident, for example in a collision, then this person is liable for your personal injury. This person will then have to pay for your personal injury. Motor vehicles are often compulsorily insured. Dog owners are also often insured for damage that the dog causes to others. In that case, it is the personal injury insurer that has to pay for your personal injury.

In some countries you are entitled to a free personal injury lawyer who will recover your personal injury from the liable party. This is the case, for example, in the Netherlands. So if you have an accident in Amsterdam, you can call in a personal injury lawyer in Amsterdam for free, even if you have an accident abroad or if you are an American or Englishman in Amsterdam!

Have you had an accident while traveling? Then the tip is to always hold the perpetrator liable and to investigate whether you are entitled to free legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer. (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Amsterdam)