Cheese is one of the ingredients of some of our favourite foods, such as pizza, burgers, pasta, and more. It is also fantastic to pair with wine, beer, and chocolate.

Cheese is a product produced by bacteria that digest lactose, or milk sugar, until the milk turns into sweet, bitter, or salty curds.

Many people are obsessed with cheese due to its creaminess and mouth-watering taste. Aside from that, there are various types of cheese that people worldwide enjoy.

Several countries are known for producing excellent quality cheese. If you love traveling and cheese, you must visit the world’s best cheese destinations.

We made a list of places worldwide known for their delicious, high-quality cheese.

1. Normandy, France

Normandy, France, is one of the famous destinations with high-quality cheese. Its landscape is perfect for cows to pasture, and farmers have adopted the cheese-making lifestyle. That is why they can produce excellent quality cheese that people love.

Some of their famous specialties are Camembert, Livarot, and Neufchâtel. There is a large variety of cheese, which is why Normandy is a paradise for cheese lovers.

One of the places in Normandy you should visit is the small village of Camembert. It has many cheesy attractions that you will love to discover. These include the Cheese Museum, built in a Camembert shape, as well as the Beamoncel, the manor house of the creator of the famous cheese, Maria Harel.

Also, you should visit the President Farm, where you can enjoy heaps of cheese and learn many things about Camembert, from the history of the town to the process of making cheese.

Furthermore, there’s a Cheese Factory in the old town of Livarot, where you can watch the different stages of cheese production.

2. The Netherlands

The medieval cheese markets in the Netherlands are a must-have on your list.

The iconic Gouda Market in South Holland offers a spectacular experience. You can indulge in their famous Dutch cheese, Gouda, sold in front of their beautiful old City Hall.

In addition, several famous cheese markets are in the northern part of the country. This includes the famous Alkmaar, the Edam Cheese Market, and the one in the city of Hoorn.

Every year, between April and September, the traditional Alkmaar Cheese Market is held on Waagplein. You may visit the market, enjoy the beautiful views, and see the Dutch Cheese Museum.

3. Gruyères, Switzerland

The enchanting medieval town of Gruyères in Switzerland is a paradise for Swiss cheese lovers. The famous and delicious Gruyère cheese originated in the region surrounding the city, where it has been made for centuries.

You may visit La Maison du Gruyère, a small cheese factory in the city that offers cheese-making tours. You’ll see how their famous Gruyère cheese is made.

Furthermore, you may take a trip to Les Ponts-de-Martel to visit Fromagerie Les Martel to learn how to make dairy and shop for some high-quality cheese.

Your tour in Gruyères won’t end without trying their famous cheese. Several restaurants serve gooey, melted cheese with boiled potatoes, bread, and pickles.

4. Gloucestershire, England

Aside from the ancient and appealing architecture, Gloucestershire is also known for its famous cheese rolling event. You’ll witness an event where a massive round of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down a hill, and people gather to roll after the cheese.

You may join this event and win the whole wheel of cheese. However, this competition can be dangerous.

Additionally, many restaurants serve cheesy dishes made of Double Gloucester cheese.

5. The French Alps

Known for its breathtaking scenery and fantastic adventure opportunities, the French Alps is also a perfect destination for cheese lovers. It is famous for its high-quality cheeses, including Beaufort, Reblochon, Bleu de Sassenage, Abondance, and Tomme de Savoie.

Factories and artisan cheese producers are everywhere throughout Savoie and Haute Savoie regions. Therefore, you won’t have a tough time looking for places to visit to taste high-quality cheese, as you can find them everywhere once you arrive in the Alps.

6. Asturias, Spain

Known as the land of cheese, Asturias is an ideal place for cheese lovers. The region offers a fantastic experience from enchanting natural beauty to exciting activities.

Queso de Cabrales is the most popular cheese in this region. It is famous for its powerful flavor.

Visitors can learn everything they need to know about this famous cheese. They have a special foundation established to preserve the cultural and historical importance of Cabrales.

7. La Mancha, Spain

Not only the home of Don Quixote and other beautiful towns, but La Mancha is also the home of the renowned Spanish cheese, Manchego.

Manchego is famous for its full buttery text and subtle piquant flavor. Also, it is produced from the milk of Manchega sheep.

You will love the combination of Manchego cheese, Serrano ham, and wine. But if you love desserts, Manchego is perfect to pair with honey and nuts.

To complete your cheese experience, visit Artequeso to learn everything about the process of making artisan Manchego cheese.

Taste the Best Cheeses Around the World

Lots of places around the world are known for their high-quality cheese. Aside from their famous cheeses, these places offer beautiful scenery and exciting activities. If you love traveling and cheese simultaneously, visiting these places mentioned above would be a great experience.