Baby halloween costume

As we all know, Halloween is right around the corner ready to jump out at us as we decorate our houses with spooky thrills, line up the scary films and binge on the sugary goods that put us in the right mood for the festive season. Another very crucial aspect of Halloween are the costumes! Halloween-fanatics start planning their costumes weeks in advance for the festivities. Halloween costumes can be easy to decide for those who already know what they want to dress up as, but it can be slightly difficult for our smaller family members. LUXlife brings you 8 costume ideas for babies to ensure your little monsters are ready to celebrate with you in their cutest attire this spooky season!

A Pumpkin

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says Halloween? Surely, it’s pumpkins! Turn up the cute quotient with your toddler this Halloween by putting them in pumpkin costumer. You can’t go wrong with an adorable looking pumpkin crawling around your kitchen.

Baby Pumpkin Costume

A Witch

They say witches love Halloween so a witch costume for your little one would be completely apt and there are so many ways you can go accessorising this costume. You could for a point witch hat or head band witchy ears for your little one. A tulle tutu skirt in purple, pink, orange or black would make the perfect witch costume for your little one this Halloween!

Baby Witch Costume

A Devil

Many would consider their little toddlers to be no less than devils so why not dress them up as one for Halloween! A red costume with devil wings, a tail and a head band with horns is the perfect attire for the little devils who belief in causing mayhem no matter what time of year it is.

Baby devil costume

A Wizard

Now that we’ve ticked witched off our Halloween list, we need someone who can help us tackle them. We need a wizard! Dressing up your toddler would be nothing less than cuteness galore as you pair the outfit with a pointy hat, a magic wand and some round glasses to give that perfect wizard look!

A Bat

Bats are a staple when we think of Halloween so why not dress up your little one as a crazy bat this spooky season! There are many different ways you can go about creating this outfit but the main part of the outfit includes a black romper, wings and a set of bat ears which can be achieved with a hat or a soft head band to complete outfit.

Baby bat costume

A Dragon

On the topic of animals, dragons are also a favourite among younger kids when it comes to Halloween costumes. For the smaller ones, this is an easy and simple outfit idea that is not only fun but also adorable as your mini-me is dressed as a dragon.

A Unicorn

If you want to stray away from the spooky costumes and keep it simple but cute this Halloween, then a unicorn costume is no less than a winner for your little one! There are tons of options when it comes to unicorn costumes, so go all out for your little one with the colours and accessories.

A Skeleton

It’s not really Halloween if you don’t have at least one skeleton in your house so what better spooky Halloween costume for your baby than a skeleton. Zip them up in a skeleton onesie, if it’s a glow in the dark one then even better! Add a little hat as a finishing touch and there you have a perfectly comfortable costume for a baby who just wants to sleep and eat all day.

Baby Skeleton Costume

Those were all LUXlife’s suggestions to help you out with your little one this Halloween. We hope you got some inspiration for your baby from this article and are excited to dress them up in one of these cute costumes ready for a spooky Halloween night!

LUXlife would also like to wish everyone a very spooky Halloween in advance!