As more designers seek to offer a plethora of ultramodern luxuries and sophisticated amenities, one Taiwanese design firm has chosen to instead focus on the luxury of pure uncomplicatedness in its design. For that reason, LUXlife has awarded JDID Inc. the title of Taiwan’s Best in Modern Home Design 2020 in our ongoing 2020 Leading Designers series. Following this latest success for the studio, we profiled it to learn more

In what is an increasingly busy and frenetic world, having a home space that can be retreated into at the end of a long day is imperative. Home is more than just a place to lay a weary head. It is a sanctuary of the self, a hideaway for those who want to rest in their own company far from the madding crowds of the world today. Having a home designed by JD Yin and the team at JDID Inc. is about more than just creating a luxurious space that reflects the client and their personality. It is about creating this residential refuge from the world, that ensures clients can feel well and truly relaxed in their new haven. Drawing on his four main concepts about what a design should achieve, founder JD Yin has cultivated a reputation for delivering excellence in ways that stray from the norm of what many other designers are doing in the world today.

Contributing to the ethos and design mantra of JDID Inc, JD Yin maintains a series of core main concepts of design that the team employs on every project. Each concept plays an individually vital role in the planning and design of each project, as well as an equally important role in tying everything together collaboratively when considering how a space should feel as a whole. Firstly, the belief that “form follows functions” has inspired JD Yin to ensure that every space must correspond to a function or an element, such as flow, light, layer, floor plan, client habits, or a wealth of other aspects. Each function or element works together to create individual forms with meaning and harmony, whilst also creating an unbeatable sense of visual perception.

The team that JD Yin has surrounded himself with at JDID embodies these concepts in each and every project that they undertake. Exceptional designers in their own right, each staff member has achieved multiple degrees in a range of subjects, including architecture, interior design, industrial design, metalworking, literature, art, and music to help inform any creative decisions made as a team. That teamwork is a vital part of any project. Through interaction in progress, everybody works together to analyse and solve problems in multiple ways.

Each one of the projects that JDID takes on is unique, much like the client themselves. Therefore, it is imperative that the design team sticks by the second principle, “Ongoing”. Rather than offer a cookie-cutter approach, the team does not work with specific techniques, styles, or atmospheres; instead seeking to establish a connection between each room as one ongoing spatial spirit. As well as providing interior professional services, there is also a sense of creative imagination that goes into every project. By striving to understand a clients’ way of life deeply and comprehensively, each project ends up being a reflection of the individual.

If there was one way to describe JD Yin’s work however, it would be “Uncomplicated”. Where many modernist design firms use the term “Simple”, JDID instead prefers clarity over simplicity as an aspect of its work. The axis of its work lies in rationality, and the team uses it to integrate the perceptual details when and where they should be perceptual, so the result of the work is wholly and delightfully uncomplicated. Everything within a space serves a purpose, whether that is reflecting a clients’ personality, or complementing a function.

JD Yin’s work concepts are not for every client, however. But for those that do undertake work with the firm, there is a common sense and belief that self-consciousness is one of the most important qualities in daily life. There is little attention paid to materials, and the firm’s discerning clientele always aspire after truth, purity, and beauty in both themselves and the spaces they reside. Other designers, though they do it subconsciously, offer a sense of more with many projects, until materialism replaces truth and purity. The designs that JDID offers lean heavily on the concept of uncomplicatedness, and means that clients in search of that truth and purity know exactly what they are getting when they work with JD Yin.

Perhaps the best way to describe JD Yin’s desire to design the perfect and most luxurious space for a client is by comparing it to the growing stages of a plant. Creativity germinates as it is constructed step by step in the mind, before extending to the space outside of the mind. It quickly relies on the right atmosphere as oxygen, as well as the essential nutrients in the form of human habitation and perception. The right space will thrive on those living in it, breathing it in and expressing a deep love for what has been created.

Space transforms to place, improved by the functions it serves. Place is then transformed to a home, improved by the emotion and subsequent creativity of those who inhabit it. Whilst we as humans introspect and explore, emotion goes on to build and grow gradually. Eventually, these emotions project onto the functions a space serves, and a cycle is born; one of flowing, deconstructing, and restructuring until at last the most proper design is found for a specific space within a home. That is the feeling and service that JD Yin and his team seek to deliver. Much like a well-constructed article with clear context, JDID is responsible for strengthening one or two paragraphs to ensure that the refined whole is made all the better.

Ultimately, JD Yin’s way of thinking regarding design may be considered maverick in nature, but the results speak for themselves. Each space is carefully designed and made to truly represent those who will inhabit that place. As a firm under such wise and insightful leadership, JDID understands better than most the ongoing dialogue between space and people. Uncomplicated and luxuriously designed, it is no wonder that JDID has been duly recognised in LUXlife, with more success surely on the way in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Company: JDID Inc.
Contact: JD Yin
Website: www.jdid.com.tw