Luxury sleep is not just limited to getting a full 8 hours of sleep, it also represents the quality of your experience that can be determined by many factors. The type of mattresses and beds you use contribute to making your sleep more luxurious, in addition to many sleeping accessories that can enhance the quality of the 8 hours you get every night. This includes earmuffs, earplugs, pillows, and eye masks. While you don’t have to splurge a large amount of money on luxury sleep, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little on the things that would help you wake up in a better mood. The average human spends around a third of their life sleeping on their beds. So if you’re looking for ways to enhance your sleep and make the most out of those 8 hours, keep reading the tips below.


Consider Aromatherapy

When trying to sleep, stress can interfere with the comfort levels that put you in a better sleeping condition. One of the best ideas you can try to promote deeper and calmer sleep is to opt for essential oils used in aromatherapy. Essential oils allow sleepers to inhale the soothing smells of jasmine, lavender, and ylang-ylang. One smell, in particular, can help your body produce melatonin which gives you a better sleep experience; lavender. However, aromatherapy is not an exact science and you can always choose from a wide range of smells that help you relax at any local store.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

While traditional Chinese medicine can be really powerful in helping you sleep better, it is always essential to determine the reasons that make you stay up at night. Sometimes, it can be excessive food consumption that leads to blood stagnation and spleen deficiency. Your sleeping issues can also be caused by a poor appetite that messes up with the required sleep nutrients in your body. In other cases, it may even be due to anxiety or depression, causing the patient daily worrisome nights. Your TCM physician will help you find out the root cause of your sleeping problems so that they can prescribe you the right herbal blends or o other forms of TCM remedies. 


Change Your Bedding Equipment  

If you wake up with tension on persistent neck pain after your night’s sleep, it’s time to change your pillows, or your mattress and bed frame altogether. Start by looking for Australia’s best mattress-in-a-box to have it delivered to your home, and consider the type of pillow and sheets you use for your bed. Memory foam is everyone’s favorite when it comes to mattresses and pillows, the adjustable soft material allows for flexibility of movement and reduces neck tension. Make sure you also look for cashmere, Egyptian cotton, or any other natural fiber that is not overly processed when buying new bedsheets to avoid moisture and let the fabric breathe well.


Sleeping Masks

A luxurious sleep mask can be a simple way to bring a touch of old traditions into your sleeping experience. If you go for soft fabrics like silk, you can block harmful lights that can otherwise disturb your sleep or put you in discomfort. You can use a sleep mask to stop the sun rays from progressively causing you to lose sleep in the morning.


Use An Adjustable Bed Frame 

Adjustable bed frames are great for people with sleep apnea, snoring problems, and other breathing problems that disturb sleep quality. These are bed frames that come with adjustable moving slats so that the head or feet can be raised according to your preference to create the desired sleeping positions. Moving bed frames typically work better with gel memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses.


Play Some Soothing Sounds

Anyone can easily fall asleep listening to relaxing and calming melodies or sounds. Many people use sound healing therapy to relax and reduce their bodies’ cortisol levels which cause their anxiety to drop significantly and promote better sleep. You can download many apps that play ambient and natural soothing sounds for the utmost relaxation of your night’s sleep.

Many people confuse a good night’s sleep with only getting 8 hours of continuous or uninterrupted sleep. However, sleeping luxuriously includes more than sleeping a certain amount of hours. Many factors like the depth of your sleep cycles and whether you complete all cycles or not impact the quality of your sleep. This is why you need to change a lot about the way you sleep every night if you’re really looking for a difference. Sometimes, this can simply mean switching your bedsheets or considering traditional Chinese medicine for better results.