Wall Decor

A home is a place where you can truly feel comfortable and happy. So, if you’d like to improve your home’s appearance, ensure that everything inside your home follows the theme you’re going for. This way, you can achieve full luxury, even while sitting in the comforts of your own home.  

Having a luxurious home is more than just the size and amenities on your property. Surprisingly, wall decors are important in making your home glamorous and fancy. You can enjoy a luxurious home for yourself or sell it to a house buying company like Nexus Homebuyers and sell your property for a higher price. Moreover, below are some wall décor ideas for your luxury home: 


1. Use Gold Details 

When it comes to luxury, the first thing that comes to mind is using as many gold and shiny details as possible. They’re extremely effective in enhancing the room’s grandeur. Using gold details in any wall art piece, painting or mirror frame would help maximize lavishness and give the room a hint of royalty.  

You can even apply gold accents to your entire wall, which serves as interior design and wall décor that’ll help lift up the room. To help highlight the beauty and shine of gold, pair it with white, black, or gray.


2. Consider Large Pieces 

Most luxury homes use a large accent piece as their wall décor especially since a large art piece doesn’t come cheap. You can choose a decorative piece that covers from floor to ceiling or from one edge to another, depending on your choice. However, when choosing this type of wall décor, ensure to use a color that complements your home’s interior for a seamless design.  

When going for a large wall décor piece, it’ll be great if you could add track light to help spotlight the piece inside your home. It’ll help emphasize how amazing and beautiful the art is while also making your home look luxurious, as it seems like an artwork straight from the museum. 


3. Incorporate a Hand-Painted Décor 

All hand-painted items are expensive, especially if you can see the strokes and dents of the paint on the surface. It’ll be like having your own museum inside your home, even if it means just having a single piece inside your living room. To allow your home to feel royalty and luxurious, you should add hand-painted décor, preferably from a well-renowned painter that you can easily source. 

When going for hand-painted décor, choose a piece that matches your home’s interior and wall size. You should also avoid placing glass over it to preserve its quality. While it might require extensive care and maintenance, it’ll surely help to improve your home’s appearance.  


4. Add An Artistic Mural  

A mural wall is getting more popular daily as you can use the entire wall to create anything you want. You can allow the wall to have a fun design, such as tropical, floral, or anything that sets your mood. While they’re popular for wild colors, you can still use them to create a luxurious vibe inside your home. However, you might be limited to using fewer colors to help emphasize luxury.  

When creating an artistic mural, you can use a minimalistic design such as hand-painted marble or abstract for a luxurious piece. You can experiment with white, black, gray, wood, silver, and gold. Adding a shiny touch would help make the piece more luxurious. You can add gold, silver, bronze, or rose gold, to make any piece feel more opulent.  


5. Purchase a Contemporary Piece 

Wall décor isn’t just about using paintings and mirrors but also includes some art pieces. This way, you can avoid making the wall too flat and dull but rather add a great definition to it. However, make sure that your pieces match well with your home and will not cause any physical disturbance inside the room.  

For a large contemporary piece, you can place it on the upper part of the wall to prevent heads from bumping into it. You can even add a receiving table below it to prevent anyone from entering that area. Moreover, it also gives you more space to decorate. 



Using wall decors would always be a great way to make your home luxurious. Ensure that you match it well with your home’s interior for a smooth and beautiful finish. 

While looking for a large or hand-painted piece may be costly, the benefits it’ll bring to your home would absolutely be worth it.