3 Ways to Live a More Luxurious Life

3 Ways to Live a More Luxurious Life

If you’re not rich, the idea of living a luxurious life might seem a stretch. Still, assuming you’re finally earning a decent salary and now even have a little extra at the end of the month, you can enjoy more comfort and experience greater pleasure without going broke.

The trick is to select just a few things that will eliminate the feeling of poverty, of never having enough, of always wanting more than you can ever get. 

With that in mind, here are three ways you can begin feeling more abundant and enjoy the finer things in life:

Increase Your Income 

The easiest way to
increase your discretionary spending is to earn more each month — something you can do with a little creative thinking. 

If, for example, you’re a middle manager in a mid-sized corporation, you might believe you’re stuck with a fixed income. You may also not be in a position to simply ask for a raise and get it. What’s more, you know that you’re unlikely to get a promotion anytime soon. 

So, since you have a fixed income, how can you earn more? 

Brainstorm ways that you can earn more each month
outside your job. For instance, you could get a side hustle, such as providing photography services, tutoring, coaching, teaching an online course, making and selling handicrafts on Etsy, and so on. In fact, the list of side hustles are endless.  

How do you decide on a side hustle?

First, decide on what you are good at doing.  Then, figure out how you can teach other people how to do what you do. Alternatively, you could figure out how you can turn your skills into a service. 

Another option is to “grow out of your job.” 

Get the education you need to increase your knowledge and skills. Once you’ve completed your courses and earned new certifications, then either try to move up in your company or find another employer who appreciates your newly acquired professional skill sets. If you free up enough time look into different investments of time and money where you can work independently like a consultant,
investor, or freelancer. 

Live in a Luxury Building 

It’s possible to pay too much rent for a dismal place. For the amount you’re paying–or for just a little bit more–you could rent the lowest-priced unit in a luxury building. If that’s still not enough, you could share the space with a sibling or your best friend to split the rent. 

Once you move into your new luxury apartment, you’ll enjoy exactly the same amenities as your wealthier neighbors—perhaps, a heated lap pool, a fitness center, a sauna, a garden courtyard, or lounging and playing pool in the resident’s “clubhouse.”. 

Every city has a luxury complex that will take your breath away. 

If, say,  you live in New York City, visit some residential living opportunities developed by
HFZ Capital Group. This company hires some of the best architects in the world for their building projects. To date, they have brought 2,500 residential units to the market. 

HFZ Capital, for example, has done a remarkable job with their 11th Avenue property. The company has completed ground-up construction in West Chelsea. Once you take a tour of one of the residences in the XI, far above Six Senses New York, one has to conclude that this real estate and investment development has perfected the nuances of family-style luxury. 

Develop a Financial Plan 

While increasing your income and upgrading your living accommodations will create a feeling of abundance, you need to take one more step to lock in your new lifestyle—take the time to reverse your financial life. 

How can you increase your financial literacy so that you can manage your money better?

First, set up a budget to diagnose where your money is going when you’re not paying attention to it. Once you understand your cash flow, you can create strategies for getting out of debt, creating an emergency fund, and saving enough to invest in the financial markets.  

In conclusion, you can start living a more luxurious life by stretching your mind to figure out how to earn more, by living in a luxury apartment with free high-end amenities, and by increasing your financial literacy to keep on living the good life.