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Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years but can still offer the modern world a way of healing trauma and exploring our connection to the self and each other. OMMIJ is the number one center for ayahuasca and plant medicine in the world. It is a healing hub with open arms to anyone wishing to embark on a deeply meaningful spiritual journey. Here we learn more about OMMIJ, and its Founder Ramon Geurts, as it wins a tremendous title in the Resorts and Retreats Awards 2023.


“At OMMIJ we have dedicated our lives to guiding our participants safely and respectfully during their Ayahuasca and Plant Medicine journeys and helping them find spiritual, mental, and physical healing. We are fortunate to have guided tens of thousands of wonderful people from all over the world through the process of preparation, the medicine itself, and integration.”


Ayahuasca is a tea usually made from the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub with stalks of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine in water. Traditionally made by a shaman or experienced healer, Ayahuasca is a sacred drink created to be used for spiritual and religious ceremonies. With deep cultural roots, ayahuasca has been used for centuries by ancient Amazonian tribes and many other people in various parts of the world through to this very day.

Many believe that ayahuasca is a healer of trauma, whether that be present pain or the type that has lingered for years, or even generations – and OMMIJ is a collective of believers who strive to bring the magic of ayahuasca to the world.

“OMMIJ originates from the Dutch words “om” and “mij”, meaning “to/about” and “me”. We believe that the majority of psychologic illnesses like depression and anxiety are caused by traumatic events, which most people faced in their childhood, and which led to a separation between that person’s self and its emotions, feelings, and body.”

As many of us feel, the connection with ourselves is of utmost importance. We move through our daily lives wanting to progress in some way or another, whether that’s through our connections with others, career, movement on projects, or simply finding more peace within ourselves. We live in a demanding world full of responsibilities and potential stresses that can make us feel as though we have lost our way and our connection to what makes us who we are. However, with OMMIJ, we can find our way back home, back to the person we truly are. OMMIJ’s healing guidance helps us to sing our truths again – and make connections that will stand the test of time.


“Reconnecting with your self is the essence of recovery. The words “healing” and “health” find their root in the Anglo-Saxon word for wholeness – no accident since the source of many illnesses is precisely the loss of wholeness. Becoming whole again means coming back to me.”


OMMIJ was founded in 2011 as a Healing Center in the Netherlands and, over time, it has become home for thousands of people from around the globe. Everyone who visits OMMIJ has one thing in common, they are searching for a source of deep healing and awakening within themselves. This awakening is an empowering rebirth of divine timing.

OMMIJ’s retreat in Spain offers ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies alongside Kambo, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, visionary painting, immersion in nature, sharing circles, and so much more. By experiencing the retreat as a group, this collective oneness brings us closer to ourselves and the people which surround us, resulting in a network of spiritually awakened individuals sharing moments that they will never forget.

OMMIJ has been the world’s number one provider of ayahuasca ceremonies since 2011. It has been organizing multi-day plant medicine retreats in the glorious south of Spain, so that more people can have access to the healing medicine they need to experience their awakening for themselves – without having to travel to the distant Amazon.

Back in 2011, OMMIJ’s Founder, Ramon Geurts, and his spiritual brother René, took the plunge to create something incredible. They created the healing hub that has helped thousands of people to this day.

René left OMMIJ five years ago to start a new career in his center Acsauhaya, and Ramon’s mission remained – to keep working with OMMIJ well in to the future. This is when Ramon, and his wife Klaudia, decided to set up their retreats and Be Free Retreat Centers, and moved to Spain. From this moment, Ramon was free to follow his own heart, and able to share his best intentions with the world. His love and dedication was poured into the “work of OMMIJ” and, today, Ramon, Klaudia, and his team have now received the title of Best Ayahuasca Retreat 2023 – Spain.

Ramon knew that plant medicine could ultimately unlock the secret power within everyone, without having to visit a shaman in the far away Amazon, and he understands that all we need to heal is already within ourselves – we just need to be able to access that divine power. This is exactly where plant medicine comes in.

Here plant medicine, such as ayahuasca, is the facilitator for our inner healing and spiritual work. Our experience of it can help us to open up our minds to the power of nature, and this overwhelmingly powerful medicine allows us to speak inwards and find out who we truly are, what we feel we are missing, then find our truth, healing, and exceptional freedom. Ramon knew that what we all needed was within us to begin with, but he also knew that, for many, what we needed was buried so deep beneath years of trauma and pain.

By pushing his plant medicine knowledge into the world, Ramon grew a team of more than 42 people in the Netherlands and, since 2018, Spain. He has seen OMMIJ run healing journeys for over 40,000 people in more than 76 countries in the world – with 20 new ayahuasca centers established by people who were trained at OMMIJ. These loving spaces are filled with individuals who wish to open their minds and their hearts, connect with one another, and explore the self so that they too can experiences oneness, happiness, and pure bliss.

Of course, those who wish to participate work to prepare themselves for the experience so that they can get the most out of it. A lot of people choose to follow a vegetarian/vegan diet before and during the experience, they nourish their bodies and abstain from sex, so that they can feel the benefits of a clear and vibrant energy within them.

For people wishing to find their true selves, rid themselves of limiting beliefs, and take back the control over their lives and overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and more, OMMIJ is the space for true transformation.


“We use a perfect combination of plant-based healing methods and ancient techniques such as yoga and meditation to enable our participants to find their authentic selves, awaken to their full potential and live a self-determined, conscious and purposeful life.”


With over 1,000 five-star ratings and over 40,000 happy participants, OMMIJ has touched people’s lives in a way that nothing else has. Suzanna Marks said, “I believe that the profound insights and healings that I have experienced and observed here at OMMIJ could not have come about in any other way. I was a sceptic. Now I am a believer. Plant medicine is powerful and sacred and receives the greatest respect at OMMIJ.”

Daria Norris commented, “I have been to many retreats around the world in my life. But as a solo female traveler, OMMIJ’s retreat in Spain is the only choice in the world where you can feel safe and at ease.”

Andreas Becksmith also shared, “I can’t express how grateful I am for everyone who helped me change my life. From the location, the food, the amenities, and the guides, my stay was beyond amazing! I went in alone and came out with a whole new loving family!”

The individuals that visit OMMIJ have trusted the process, put their wellbeing in the hands of the team, and come out the other side of such a significant spiritual experience with more than a glow, they have a new way of life. The OMMIJ community is a tribe of wonderful beings who all share the same sentiment, they wish to evolve their consciousness, experience deep universal love, and heal themselves so that they too can help to heal the rest of the world.

A final word from the team at OMMIJ: “We feel deep gratitude for having helped so many people through our therapeutic ceremonies heal from various illnesses and finally live a more self-determined, authentic and healthy life. For those people, OMMIJ has become their tribe: a loving and caring community of free souls and open-minded people where everyone can express their feelings, open their hearts, share meaningful learnings, get inspiration and support, but also celebrate life and enjoy a good laugh. Coming to a ceremony at OMMIJ means coming home.”

With its existing retreats in the Netherlands and Spain, and daily ceremonies in Doetinchem, Holland, OMMIJ has built a huge following. Its tribe constantly expands, many revisit, and OMMIJ is truly proud to be a part of such a powerful movement.

This life changing holiday is more than a just a dream come true, it is a gateway into a new, transformative lifestyle that leaves us feeling complete with a sense of deep belonging. If you’re someone who wants to experience a full transformation to overcome obstacles and feel at one with yourself, and your surroundings, OMMIJ’s Spanish retreat is the perfect getaway for you. Feel free to visit its website today for more information.

Due to the extreme and constant growth of the number of participants, OMMIJ is open to discuss the possibilities of entering into a partnership with interested resort/retreat entrepreneurs around the world. If you’re interested, please reach out to OMMIJ.

For business enquiries, contact Ramon Geurts from OMMIJ on their website –