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When looking for somewhere to stay, you want to find somewhere you can feel truly relaxed. For those looking for an All-Male resort, you should look no further than the delightful destination that is The Equator Resort Key West. With success in LUXlife’s Resort and Retreat Awards 2022 under their belts, we take a closer look to see how the team has been able to secure such tremendous success.

The Florida Keys archipelago is one of the most beautiful spots in the United States, renowned for its breath-taking coral reefs and stunning beaches. For those who want to get away from it all, there are few places finer, and for those who want some time in comfort and privacy, there’s no place finer than The Equator Resort Key West.

This delightful resort is made of five historical properties, bound together to create a stunning hotel. The result is a stunning mismatch of different ideas where no two rooms are exactly the same. Far away from the corporate attitude of some hoteliers, the team at Equator Key West has built its business on the idea of providing a small B&B feel without actually being small and confining.

The team’s position as one of three male only, clothing optional resorts sets them apart from the crowd. Unlike their competitors, however, the Equator Resort Key West team have focused on the value of privacy as far as possible. They are currently unique in their ability to offer all private bathrooms, singular in the level of privacy offered by the entire property and rare in so far as they are not open to the public. For someone who wants to get away and relax, the Equator Resort Key West is the ideal location to turn to.

The heart of the business is the way in which it builds on relationships. The Equator Resort Key West is not just a place where people sleep, it’s an attraction in and of itself. General Manager, Anthony Sibilly-Juarez, considers this a direct result of his approach to hiring. “We try to fine tune the right candidate that will mesh into the environment, the clientele, and the team,” he tells us. “Before my final hiring decision, regardless of experience or qualifications, I ask myself ‘would I invite this person to my house for dinner?’ Procedures can be taught, experience can be gained, but personality is inherent.”

This commitment to finding people who fit the unique ethos of this Key West classic is why so many people continue to come back year after year. “My co-workers are rock stars,” Anthony continues. “We have a diverse team from many backgrounds such as the Virgin Islands, Bhutan, Ukraine, Key West. All with individual strengths and weaknesses, and we work well together.” With such a breadth of knowledge and expertise, there is very little that the team at the Equator Resort Key West cannot overcome.

Since 2018, this iconic hotel has become the top of TripAdvisor’s list of places to stay. It’s easy to see why – their efforts to develop, to grow and to continually innovate are at the heart of why they have continued to thrive. They know how to have a good time and know how to ensure that their clients have a good time too. Whilst technical faults and human error are often unavoidable, what can be controlled is the response and the team at the Equator Resort Key West have made it their mission to fix any problem – or throw enough smoke and mirrors at it so no one notices!

Nowhere is this better shown than in the catering arrangements developed by the team. The Equator Resort Key West offers a complimentary Happy Hour every evening, with Petits Debuts in the morning. This offers a small pre-breakfast jump start with options of stuffed croissants, pastries and bagels made locally fresh and delivered daily. For someone who’s looking for comfort at all times, this is the place to turn to.

No hotel, however, can remain the same. As such, the attitude of the Equator Resort Key West team has been to build rejuvenation in the very fabric of their approach. “Change is a Constant is kind of our philosophy,” Anthony explains. “We strive to constantly work on upgrades and renovations so that each visit – as we have a lot of repeat clientele – there is always something new.” Something new doesn’t have to revolutionize the hotel experience, but it always improves it. This year, for example, the Wi-Fi system has shifted from login and password to an automatic system using NFC. These simple touches are only reached through determined hard work and a desire to deliver even better quality of service every single time.

Now that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, it’s clear that more and more people are turning up at the Equator Resort Key West to embrace a world of fun and comfort. A whole new region of customers have turned up from the America’s West Coast, keen to discover what sets this incredible resort apart from the rest of the crowd. They, too, have found a place which is a home away from home. Whilst most hotels go through a slow season with few visitors, the Equator Resort Key West has very much become the place to be for those who are in the know.

There is very little that is perfect, but there are very few that get as close as the team at the Equator Resort Key West. Their peerless attitude to success, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is on offer, has enticed more people through their doors than ever before. Those who visit this stunning establishment find a locale that is warm and friendly, private but never stuffy. It’s a credit to the team that so many return year after year after year. It’s a bigger mark of their success, however, that there are always new people wanting to uncover what makes this such a special place. We hope we’ve captured a little of that here.

For business enquiries, contact Anthony Sibilly-Juarez (General Manager) from Equator Resort Key West via email – [email protected] or on their website –      

Address: 822 Fleming St. Key West, FL 33040

Telephone: (305) 294-7775

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