Tourists choose their different destinations to walk around the world. Knowing a new and different place is a great challenge for people who love travel.

Some cities have absolutely everything, and it is for this reason that some destinations are more frequented than others.

If one thinks of having a vacation full of fun and attractive plans, they will think of cities that can leave all that, and Buenos Aires is an option.

Visiting the capital city of the Argentine Republic is always a good alternative for your next free days because there you will find a varied itinerary.

Buenos Aires has the best plays, great libraries, impressive museums, prestigious restaurants, football teams, impressive states, and interesting architecture. This city also has very colorful neighbourhoods, each with its style.

For all these reasons, Buenos Aires is usually chosen as one of the preferred tourist destinations by tourists from all over the world.

But there is something that you should take into account when visiting Argentina: the language. To see this country it will be very important that you know its language, so it will be a good option that you can study Spanish in a school in Buenos Aires.

To learn a new language

Learning an entirely new language will not be easy. This is why we do not recommend taking an express course, since it will not cover everything you need to know and you will not be able to see the language in the best way.

Ideally, you can learn Spanish in Argentina with a teacher at your disposal who can teach you everything you need to know about this language.

Spanish is a complex language because it has a wide variety of words and uses many synonyms. In addition, Argentines use their own words, which will make the speech even broader and more complex. 

For example, they use expressions like “Che” that are typical of Argentines and do not exist in other countries.

For this reason, the best option will be to take personalized classes, defining your objective in terms of what you want to learn about this language.

This will be very important because if you know what you want to learn about Spanish, it will be much easier for you and the teacher teaching you this language.

Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires will allow you to express yourself in front of people in a tourist site. You can also order your beer in a bar or food in a restaurant.

Knowing the language in question will make it possible for you to interact with people in a bar or for you to be able to understand what they are saying to you at a given moment.

It is for all these reasons that it will be crucial for you to be able to learn Spanish so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Buenos Aires.

Getting to know the city

Buenos Aires is a place that has it all. There you will find many sites that will make you fall in love and make you want to stay more days or return soon.

The Obelisco is the main point of attraction between Corrientes and nine de Julio Avenues, being a very representative monument.

On Corrientes Avenue, you can find a wide variety of bookstores, where you will find books of all genres and where you can also entertain yourself by reading right there.

On that avenue, you can also visit several essential theatres on the continent. For example, Gran Rex, Allianz, and Opera are among the most prominent in the entire American continent.

A few blocks away, you can visit the Teatro Colón, a symbol of international art, one of the world’s largest and most important theatres.

Buenos Aires always has new options; it is that you can also enjoy artists who are just beginning their careers and who sing their music in bars, for example.

Nearby you will find the famous Plaza de Mayo. This site, so representative of Argentine history, is surrounded by the Casa Rosada, the Buenos Aires Cathedral, and the Cabildo, among other outstanding sites in the city.

When visiting historic neighbourhoods, we will find several: San Telmo and La Boca are the favourites of tourists. You can eat an exquisite asado in any restaurant and then enjoy its streets, the walks, the colour, and the tango. You can even dance the tango with instructors who will make everything easy and fun.

At night, if you go to dinner, you will find restaurants of all kinds. Asado is one of the typical Argentine dishes, and it is always a must to try. In addition, the empanadas, pizzas, and other menus are highly regarded by tourists worldwide. Therefore, when you eat, you will have a wide variety of delicious food.

We must add the possible experience of going to a football stadium and watching a Boca Juniors match live at La Bombonera or River Plate at El Monumental, for example.

These sites and many others make this city truly impressive with its many buildings and places that suit all tastes.

Therefore, you should not hesitate: to pack your bags, get ready to study Spanish, and get ready to live a unique experience.