Designing a loft can be difficult. Many people neglect this space due to having to consider the rooms configuration, the lighting and the energy efficiency of a loft. However, when designed correctly, a loft can be converted from a typical room to a luxury hideout for you and your loved ones. Speaking to interior expert, Tim Murray from Helen Green Design, he shares 7 ways that a loft can be converted into a luxury space.

1) Consider the size of your loft
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It is important to consider the size of the loft as this affects your decision about what you want the loft space to be converted into. If your loft is smaller, perhaps it can be converted into a spare bathroom or home office whereas bigger lofts provide room for another bedroom. If your loft is smaller than the minimum head height of 2.3m, it may be worth getting planning permission to remove sections of the roof in order to enlarge the space. Not only will this give you more room to add luxurious furniture items, but it will provide plenty of storage space too.

2) Add a skylight
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Poorly designed lofts can become dark and airless spaces. To bring light and air into the room, alongside a touch of luxury, add a skylight. This will let in fresh air to provide your loft with better ventilation, alongside creating the illusion of a heightened ceiling and a larger, more expensive looking space. Whilst skylights provide appealing natural views, they also are great for adding natural light and solar heating to your loft space.

3) Use modern colorization
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What’s the quickest, easiest way to achieve an elegant look to your loft? Using modern, bright and neutral colours to paint your loft. A neutral backdrop creates a welcoming interior, allowing the luxury textural elements of the room to be regarded more. Colours such as white, grey, mauve, duck egg and sage green can really help to open up the space, providing a gracefulness and subtlety to the room.

4) Custom make key furniture pieces
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5) Insulate your loft for the perfect cozy space
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Who said sustainability can’t be stylish? It is astonishing to think that 25% of heat lost from an uninsulated home goes through the roof, so loft insulation is pivotal if you have a cold loft space. Alternatively, if your loft is too hot then insulate the space so no heat from the rest of your home transfers into your loft. Remember, a cozy and lux space can be as simple as having a temperature-perfect, ventilated room.

6) Decorate with bright décor
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Unfortunately, the slanted walls and low ceilings associated with loft spaces can produce shadows and a dimmer space. Therefore, to open up the space and make it appear more luxurious, it is essential to brighten up the space. This can be done by hanging gorgeous, ornate mirrors to create a reflective surface for sunlight to bounce off of or simply by adding metallic accessories to the room. A large, colorful rug can be used to inject personality back into your loft space, as well as defining a specific area and adding dimension to your loft.

7) Drape fabrics to add height to the room

In order to create the illusion of a bigger loft and add height to your space, consider draping luxury fabrics from the ceiling. This could be done around your bed to form an over the top, overelaborate canopy bed that defines the room. If your loft features large windows, install gorgeously long curtains to stop excessive sunlight entering the space and create a princess feel to your loft.

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