How to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

We aren’t all blessed enough to live in giant country homes or hang multimillion pound pieces of art on our walls. That doesn’t, however, mean that we can’t live luxuriously. Your home is your palace, whether you’re living in a 14-bedroom manor or a tiny studio apartment. With some savvy design know-how, anybody can make their home look and feel like the interior of a luxury hotel. Here’s how.

Have a Consistent Theme

The true marker of a luxurious, well-designed home is consistency. Many homes are largely filled with mismatched colours and furniture for reasons of affordability and convenience, but luxury homes have a clearly identifiable theme. Pick a colour pattern for the walls and furnishings, making sure to choose something sleek such as deep, dark colours or metallic tones, and sticking to just that one. Once you have a vision, your luxury home will start to come together.

Don’t Overcrowd Things

Sometimes less is more. The homes of the wealthy and fashionable that you see on TV are rarely filled with junk and personal possessions, so make sure to keep your home clean and clear. Invest in plenty of smart storage space to hide your belongings. For example, the sideboards available at Furniture Village are the sort of items you need to keep your home looking as clean and minimal as a trendy hotel. Also, take the time to throw out or sell any unnecessary items that are cluttering your home.

Make Bold Choices

Luxury design should always leave an impression. This can be done on any budget, with the right tools. If you want a dramatic, oversized wall hanging that makes your home look like the Tate Modern, consider framing a giant piece of coloured card, or hang an old rug on the wall. You should also dare to be brave with your finishing touches. A statement lamp or decorative vase can have a huge impact on the overall feel of the room and needn’t break the bank.

Add a Touch of Comfort

Luxury homes are, first and foremost, places that people actually want to spend time in. This means you should take care to add small touches that make your home a warm, inviting place. Consider comfortable, full throw pillows for the sofa, as well as a lavish rug which feels nice underfoot. Other simple touches such as hand lotion in the bathroom, quality towels, and soft blankets will go a long way towards giving your home an air of luxury.

Focus on the Senses

It’s not all about touch and sight. A luxury environment is one that caresses all of the senses. Fragrance diffusers will help your home smell like an expensive place, while scented candles will also help do the trick. When entertaining guests, have a number of tasteful, relaxing Spotify playlists ready to go that will help guests feel like they’re at the bar in the Four Seasons. These small touches will create an overall impression of luxury.
Making your home look and feel luxurious isn’t just something for guests; it’s something for yourself. These touches will leave you feeling happier and more relaxed in your own home.